About us

Beta Systems offers business customers worldwide software for the digital control, acceleration and safeguarding of IT-based business processes. We advise and implement these solutions and support our customers in their operation.

  • We automate IT-based business processes and design the documents of tomorrow: In the cloud, in open systems and on the mainframe.
  • We securely and reliably control access rights across all platforms and monitor and secure the network.
  • We optimize enterprise IT infrastructure management and enable companies to accelerate growth.

As a German company, Beta Systems has been one of the leading medium-sized and independent software solution providers in Europe for more than 35 years.

In addition to our company headquarters in Berlin and development centers in Cologne, Neustadt and Munich, we are active worldwide with more than 20 of our own subsidiaries and numerous partner companies.


Not only is Beta Systems a provider of GRC solutions, but we ourselves observe high standards when it comes to meeting internal and external regulations.

In 2012, we introduced an internal compliance management system and set up a Compliance Committee and a Compliance Officer to monitor and improve governance and compliance rules at Beta Systems.

Environmental Resources Management

Taking social responsibility and demonstrating ecological commitment are central corporate tenets. Therefore, complying with legal provisions is just as important for us as the responsible use of natural resources.

Social Commitment

It is important to us and our employees to assume social responsibility.

For example, we support “Aktion Mensch”, a German social organization, that helps disabled people, children and young people.