Controlling complex networks

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Beta Systems network management

The ideal network management solution for dynamic companies.

Based on state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience, our Infraray BICS solves the everyday challenges of large enterprises.

Global 1000 companies from a wide range of industries rely on Infraray BICS.

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Controlling complex networks

Gain control of your digital network infrastructure

  • A new and efficient approach to controlling complex networks
  • Identify the devices, connections and endpoints in your network, and flexibly handle events and alerts using feature-rich, configurable dashboards
  • Controlled with a modern GUI
  • Scalable for small and large networks of up to over 1 million endpoints
  • Vendor independence (multi-vendor capability)
  • Multi-tenant system and head/sub architecture
  • Fast implementation – days, not weeks or months
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Berliner Wasserbetriebe achieves 90% service cost savings: Infraray BICS monitors, secures and automates both the IT and industrial infrastructure.

Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Reaping the rewards of lightning-fast, complete network discovery: Easy management of 15,000 network devices and 350,000 ports.

Deutsche Bahn

Security and compliance for hundreds of savings bank networks: Central monitoring and control for every Sparkasse savings bank in Germany.

Sparkasse Finanz Informatik

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Reduce TCO by more than 30% while gaining full control

Infraray BICS dramatically lowers the TCO, minimizes operating costs, reduces manual chores and drives productivity.

These product features give you full administrative control of your network:

  • Central alert and event console with configurable dashboards
  • Topological mapping of the network according to various criteria (locations, subnets, device types, …)
  • Graphical representation of the entire network infrastructure with the ability to drill down from the high-level dashboard all the way to the end device
  • Intuitive user interface for central monitoring of devices and their connections
  • Functions for analyzing traffic across the entire network
  • Cross-device and cross-vendor VLAN management

Complete control of your network

Comprehensive control for the entire network environment & management

Control for users

Infraray BICS offers a wide range of monitoring capabilities:

  • Device-specific, e.g. availabilities, CPU utilization, power supply
    Port-specific, e.g. bandwidth utilization, transmission errors
    Connection-specific, e.g. availability, redundancy
  • Gain easy functions for automatically analyzing your RACF data and generating meaningful, audit-compliant PDF reports.
  • Even non-technical users are empowered to check the RACF system and generate audit reports. Thanks to the user-friendly Windows interface, this can be done without direct access to the z/OS system.
  • Easily analyze SMF data as well as RACF and z/OS environment settings, check violations that impact your security and ensure that the configured RACF settings properly protect your system.
  • Conveniently analyze your RACF databases using a Windows-based GUI.
  • The _beta access monitor real-time monitoring tool alerts relevant staff to critical RACF events, such as when sensitive data is being accessed or when critical user attributes are being modified.

Organizational and business control

To help you provide security at the organizational level and to your operating environment, we offer these features:

  • Monitoring/alerting in the case of changes to the current configuration
  • Check against configurable policies
  • Graphical representation of access points and neighboring switches and WLAN controllers as well as transitions from wireless to wired communication