Securing critical infrastructures of utility companies

The threat to your critical infrastructure is on the rise!

The risk of your industrial control systems becoming the target of cyber attacks is increasing by the day. To counter this risk, you need to implement appropriate measures to protect your IT network as well as all industrial devices and SCADA systems! As part of this, it is imperative that you are able to perform real-time identification and management of all routers, switches and endpoints from any vendor.

However, managing a heterogeneous IT network infrastructure in the utilities sector is often a highly complex and costly affair.

Let us show you a much more simple and secure way to protect your critical infrastructure!

Learn how you can eliminate up to 90% of your service calls and protect your operation effectively!

Central infrastructure control

→ Increased security
→ Drastically reduced service expense 
→ Gets your machines back up and running faster – in many cases even without operator intervention

Eliminate unnecessary costs!

Learn from the Berliner Wasserbetriebe user report

  • Bring transparency to the WAN and LAN
  • Set up a central alert and event console
  • Graphical representation of the current system topology
  • Monitoring of all WAN and LAN components from a central location
  • Monitoring of SCADA servers and clients incl. fault correction
  • Set up a test environment for all relevant system components

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