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IAM infrastructure upgrade at Millenium BCP

Initial situation

Millennium BCP is the largest listed bank in Portugal and as such plays an important role in the Portuguese financial market. As the country’s second-largest bank and a listed company with the largest market share of customer loans and total customer assets managed, the financial institution had an extensive distribution network with 695 branches at the end of 2014. The bank also serves as a reference institution in Europe and Africa thanks to its business activities in Poland, Mozambique, Angola and Switzerland.

Millennium BCP has been relying on IAM solutions from Beta Systems for more than 15 years. Robust and reliable products as well as customized implementations are the reason for this longstanding trust.


As part of the strategy to expand their cooperation with Beta Systems, the bank was looking for a scalable solution that would meet IT and commercial requirements in equal measure.


Due to the complexity of their managed environment, Millennium BCP required an IAM solution that provided a high level of automation while taking into account the bank’s specific processes. The GARANCY product and the approach taken by Beta Systems in its IAM product line provide a solid foundation for flexible and needs-based solutions. Millennium BCP opted for the Beta Systems IAM solution to:

› ensure that security-relevant HR processes are mapped in the information system in real time throughout their lifecycle.

› manage users and their access rights with a powerful tool across all major information system platforms and applications.

› standardize and automate the assignment of access rights by means of role-based access control.


The GARANCY IDM product used at Millennium, as well as the entire Beta Systems IAM product suite, perfectly address these needs. Furthermore, the suite ensures company-wide data consistency and supports regular auditing of access rights for all IT systems. It also provides relevant risk and usage information in a user-friendly format. This data serves as the basis for decision-making, governance management and audit workflows.

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