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For more than 40 years, Beta Systems Software Aktiengesellschaft has been supporting financial services, production, commerce and IT services companies that operate complex IT system landscapes and processes. In this context, continuously rising transaction loads, data volumes, compliance standards and increasingly complex IT networks result in rising demands regarding the throughput rates, availability, traceability and security of the employed software products and solutions.

The Beta Systems portfolio helps to automate, document, analyze and monitor IT processes in the data center, facilitates access control, monitors IT infrastructure and security, and assists companies in controlling IT services.

Beta Systems was founded in 1983, is listed in the Scale segment of the German stock exchange and employs approx. 600 people across the Group. The company is headquartered in Berlin and operates key development sites in Cologne, Munich, Neustadt (Weinstrasse), Warsaw, Szczecin and Wroclaw.

The company, together with its over 20 self-owned subsidiaries and numerous partners, is active across the globe. More than 1,000 companies worldwide use products and solutions from the Beta Systems Group, making it one of the leading medium-sized independent software providers in Europe.

Beta Systems is a member of the German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT), is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and has been recognized by the Stifterverband.

TÜV Süd Loog
SecurITy Zertifikat
TeleTrusT Zertifikat
TÜV Süd Zertifikat
Innovativ durch Forschung

Beta Systems also meets the requirements of the climate neutrality standard PAS 2060:2014.


Beta Systems Certificate of Verified Carbon Unit Retirement

Certificate of Verified Carbon Unit (VCU) Retirement

Beta Systems Carbon Neutrality Qualifying Explanatory Statement

Carbon Neutrality Qualifying Explanatory Statement


Seal of Carbon Neutrality