Identity and Access Management: Solutions for Enterprises

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are essential for companies that require secure access, compliance and protection against cyber threats. The Garancy® Suite meets these needs by providing an easy and secure way to manage identities, authenticate users and authorize access. Explore the full potential of our Identity Access Management software now!

Today, access governance is a top priority for DEVK. Garancy® IDM makes it much easier for DEVK to comply with access governance requirements.

Lutz Becker
Senior Specialist IAM Architecture, DEVK

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The challenge of identity management today lies in the dynamic nature of business operations and the evolving IT landscape. Garancy®, our Identity and Access Management Suite, offers a large set of tools to control and monitor access to data and applications according to individual organizational requirements and different user roles.

Garancy® Suite

Garancy® Suite is the trusted Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution for every company size and every need – ISO-certified and audit-proof to meet your organization’s unique requirements.

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Highly secure and efficient Identity and Access Management in the cloud: Improve cyber hygiene, increase productivity and save costs in your company with Garancy@Cloud. Discover the possibilities of our next-generation IAM automation and orchestration platform now!

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Your Benefits

Discover the benefits of our Identity and Access Management tools.

Full-Service IAM System

Software and implementation made by our experts

Made in Germany

Programming, hosting and support based in Germany for unmatched quality

Tailored to Your Needs

Customizable software solution to fit any company size and individual requirements

Certified and Secure

ISO-certified and audit-proof, meeting TISAX, ISO27001, 27002 and 9001 standards

Key Features

Implementing an efficient IAM system helps your company to secure access rights management and meet compliance requirements. Discover the features and services our Identity Access Management software offers.

Complete Access Rights Administration

With our IAM system, you can effortlessly link every user account across various IT systems, such as Active Directory, Lotus Notes and SAP, to real individuals. This streamlines administration and enhances transparency of access rights, making it easier to identify unused or unnecessarily allocated licenses – a key to unlocking potential cost savings.

Compliance and Regulation Requirements

Navigating regulatory compliance is made simpler with IAM. By establishing and maintaining an adequate internal control structure, you ensure that only authorized users can access data. Plus, our IAM system’s audit capabilities allow you to demonstrate compliance with various regulations and laws confidently.

Recertification of Access Rights

As access rights are dynamic, roles and responsibilities need to be validated regularly to ensure they are up to date. With this periodic recertification process, you can seamlessly maintain efficiency, compliance and security standards.

Mandatory Segregation of Duties

Prevent governance violations through strict segregation of duties (SOD). Our IAM system ensures that access rights for mutually exclusive functions are distributed to different roles. This way, no single user has excessive power or access.

Fast Employee Onboarding

Embrace the agility of our IAM solutions to expedite onboarding, offboarding and transitions within your company. Our tools ensure that employees gain the necessary access rights precisely when they need them, supporting the dynamic nature of your business operations and facilitating smooth transitions.

Audit Reporting

Get comprehensive reports on the access rights structure within your organization, meeting the needs of both auditors and managers. Gain insights into who has access to what data and understand the specific access profiles of users with ease. This feature is designed to ensure transparency and accountability, keeping you informed and in control.

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