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Are you ready for the next-generation IT Operations Management platform? Our ITOM software solution Infraray BICS offers a new and efficient approach to controlling large and heterogeneous corporate networks, based on a modular system that allows you to discover, visualize, secure and control your entire IT infrastructure. Gain maximum transparency and control of your network with a central platform for managing your entire IT infrastructure reliably and transparently!

In just two days, the central Infraray BICS solution discovered our entire data network, which comprises over 350,000 ports!

Anton Kress
Team Leader Central IT Services, DB Systel

Discover Our Solution for IT Operations Management

Unlock the full potential of your IT operations with Infraray BICS, your gateway to unmatched transparency and control across your entire IT infrastructure.

Infraray BICS

Achieve unparalleled transparency and control over your IT infrastructure with Infraray BICS, the ultimate solution for vendor-independent network visibility and management. Our platform empowers you to discover, manage and control your network and all connected devices securely and with ease.

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Your Benefits

Digital network infrastructure offers a wide range of benefits for businesses of all sizes. By implementing such a solution, you can improve control over your network, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Time and Cost Savings

Reduce costs while boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability: Our software automates IT network management, reduces manual work and cuts personnel costs by up to 75 %.

Flexible Scalability

Our solution seamlessly scales to support networks of any size – from the smallest setups to vast systems with over 1 million endpoints.

Customizable Solution

Whether it’s critical infrastructure enterprises, healthcare organizations or IT environments of government agencies: We offer you a complete solution individually tailored to your needs.


The versatile multi-vendor support enables smooth integration across different hardware and software solutions.

Fast Implementation

The implementation of your system is swift and efficient. It only takes days, not weeks or months, to get up and running.

Key Features

Infraray BICS, the all-rounder for vendor-independent network visibility and IT infrastructure management, offers a new and efficient approach to controlling complex networks.

Vendor-Independent Discovery

Automatically detect all devices and systems in your network, regardless of manufacturer. This gives you a complete overview of your IT landscape.

Full Network Security

Protect your network from unauthorized access with various security features, ranging from alerts about new device connections to monitoring data streams to detect deviations in communication patterns.

Maximum Transparency

Get all relevant information about your devices and systems in configurable dashboards and reports. This allows you to assess the status of your IT infrastructure at any time to make informed decisions.

Reliable Monitoring

Monitor your IT infrastructure and get notified immediately of any problems. This allows you to rectify failures and security risks as quickly as possible.

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We help companies across all industries to identify, secure, control and manage their network – whether it’s the manufacturing industry, financial sector or critical infrastructure companies. Explore how our solution can transform your network management experience, too!

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