Output Management Software for Enterprises

An output management system (OMS) is one of the central tools in the modern digital landscape, designed to streamline and optimize the way organizations manage and distribute their documents and data outputs. Beta Systems’ comprehensive enterprise output management software helps companies automate critical document processes across platforms, resulting in simplified workflows and an increase in productivity. Get in touch with us to learn more about our different software solutions and how they can help your company strive!

Upgrading our workload solution with a Beta Systems log analysis tool means that we now have a comprehensive query system. It answers questions on quality assurance and makes the flow of process chains traceable.

Karl Paul
IT Team Leader Orchestration Automation Management, LVM

Discover Our Output Management Solutions

Beta Systems understands the challenges companies face in handling, storing and distributing large volumes of data on the mainframe. Integrating this data into new cloud-based workflows and making it easily accessible across the enterprise are new mainframe modernization challenges. Our advanced output management software is designed to address these challenges and give you the tools you need to streamline your processes.

With our comprehensive software solutions, you can seamlessly integrate multiple source systems and consolidate your document data on a central platform. Our priority is to ensure thorough and effective document processing in the most efficient and secure way. Discover the variety of our output management solutions here!


Beta DocX is a versatile document management solution, enabling centralized, audit-compliant archiving and low-cost online access for documents of any source, format and volume. It supports integration from various systems, including mainframe, Windows/ Linux/ Unix and SAP, and enables flexible data preparation for mass printing.

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Elevate your mainframe document management with our cutting-edge software, integrating distributed sources, supporting specialized formats and enabling centralized, audit-compliant archiving with cost-effective access and flexible data preparation for bulk printing and distribution.

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LDMSZ ensures clever administration, fast provisioning and secure long-term archiving of digital documents. Your individual solution can be tailored – thanks to modern, open architecture and modular design.

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Your Benefits

By integrating output management software into their operations, businesses can significantly enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs and maintain high levels of security and compliance.

Automated Workflows for Peak Productivity

Experience unparalleled efficiency with our automated workflows that simplify complex processes, reducing manual tasks and boosting overall productivity. Focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine tasks.

All Document Data on a Central Platform

Bring all your document data together on a single, centralized platform to easily manage, access and control information. Enhance your ability to make informed decisions quickly, with all relevant data at your fingertips.

Seamless Integration of Multiple Sources

Integrate various source systems effortlessly, allowing for a seamless flow of information across your organization. Our solution ensures compatibility and connectivity between disparate systems, enhancing operational coherence and data consistency.

Increased Security by Defining Access Rights

Define access permissions to ensure that only authorized personnel can view or modify sensitive information. This proactive approach to document security helps protect your data against unauthorized access and potential breaches.

Customizable Solutions for Every Need

Benefit from our open architecture and modular design to perfectly fit your business requirements. With a customized setup we can address specific challenges, ensuring that your solution is as unique as your business needs.

Key Features

Our comprehensive output management solutions cover several document-related processes – from document capture and multi-channel distribution to legally compliant archiving.

Centralized Document Management

Streamline document workflows across your enterprise with our comprehensive output management systems. Reliably capture, process, distribute and store corporate documents – regardless of their size, source, or format. Enhance document accessibility and security by ensuring a quick retrieval and seamless information flow throughout your organization.

Central Output Management

Convert, bundle, index and archive even the largest documents. Utilize and integrate document sources from mainframe, Windows/ Linux/ Unix or SAP systems. Securely process complex data formats for transactional printing, such as AFPDS and manufacturer-specific print formats.

Audit-Proof Archiving

Securely archive extensive document volumes enterprise-wide and protect your company from any compliance risks. Our output management software complies with regulatory standards, including features for automatic deletion after the retention period has expired.

Automatic Routing

Optimize document handling by automatically directing documents to the right users based on your business processes. Reduce manual handling, speed up workflows and enhance productivity, ensuring timely and accurate document processing across your organization.

We are extremely satisfied with the implementation. We now have a full-featured output management solution that also saves us a lot of money compared to our previous solution CA Spool. Costs, use and support are optimally aligned.

Andreas Meyer
Senior Manager Platform Management, Bedag Informatik AG

The Power of Output Management

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