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Discover powerful log management software for companies: With our reliable tools, you effortlessly gather and store log data from any given source. Get a comprehensive solution for managing various types of logs, allowing you to efficiently collect and retrieve job output from multiple leading workload automation (WLA) and scheduling systems. Simplify log management now!

Administration with IBM on-board tools worked well, but with the Beta Systems solution, things have become more refined, less complicated and more convenient for us. Evaluations are available faster than before. Not only do we save time, but we can also aggregate messages across LPAR (logical partition) boundaries.

Clemens Berchtold
System Administrator Core Infrastructure Department, ARZ

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Explore the future of log management with our innovative products, tailored to meet the needs of modern enterprises.


Beta LogX: Your cross-platform log management solution, seamlessly consolidating data from various sources like mainframe, Windows, Linux/ Unix and applications such as SAP, enhancing enterprise-wide accessibility.

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Elevate your mainframe experience with Beta LogZ, our log management solution for reliable storage, archiving and provisioning of log data and job output, with seamless integration across diverse IT platforms for unmatched efficiency.

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Tailored Log Management Solutions

Beta LogX or Beta LogZ: Which Solution Suits Your Needs?

Beta LogX: Cross-Platform Log Data Management

Standardize your company’s log data using our versatile cross-platform solution: Beta LogX offers a comprehensive solution for managing log data across various platforms and formats within your organization. It enables the consolidation of data from diverse sources, e. g. mainframe, Windows, Linux/ Unix systems and applications such as SAP, facilitating centralized access across the enterprise.

With Beta UX’s innovative data model, enhanced support for job log output is provided for both IBM Z and distributed systems. Additionally, it serves as an optimal extension for Broadcom Automic customers and seamlessly integrates with their current log management and archive solutions.

Beta LogZ: Log Management for z/OS

Experience unparalleled log management for z/OS with Beta LogZ: Our solution reliably stores, archives, and provisions vast volumes of log data and job output from workload management systems. The intelligent agent network efficiently handles mainframe job log data archiving tasks while seamlessly collecting log data from distributed platforms for a company-wide log archive.

With Beta LogZ, you can reduce the load on scheduling systems, ensure transparent audits and cut costs associated with automating SAP processes.

Your Benefits

By integrating log management software into their operations, businesses can significantly enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs and maintain high levels of security and compliance.

Centralized and Secure Job Log Management

Ensure compliance by centrally collecting and audit-proof archiving all company-wide job logs.

Unmatched Efficiency and Flexibility

Boost efficiency and flexibility with out-of-the-box support for all job log formats from relevant WLA systems.

User-Friendly Job Log Retrieval

Experience powerful and user-friendly retrieval of managed job-log output with our advanced solution.

Optimized WLA Performance

Enhance the WLA performance by freeing up memory previously occupied by job logs.

Key Features

Our comprehensive log management solutions handle various types of logs beyond just job outputs. We offer fine-grained entitlements for enhanced security in our beta log system.

Centralized Job Log Collection and Management

Beta Log comes with ready-made agents for various log sources, enabling out-of-the-box integration with leading workload automation systems such as ZWS, Control-M, Automic, Stonebranch and AutomateNOW! Each agent automatically collects all produced job logs from its source system – including z/OS mainframe platforms as well as Unix/ Linux, Windows and cloud-based systems – and stores them in a central repository. This allows a single installation of Beta Log to support the integration of multiple WLA systems from different vendors, as well as the central management of multiple WLA instances.

By transferring job logs from the WLA system to Beta Log, the performance of the WLA often improves due to the release of valuable memory space.

Secure Storage and Archiving of Log Files

Log files are crucial to many compliance regulations: Their indisputable record of executed tasks makes them invaluable “witnesses” to a company’s operations.

With Beta Log integrated, fine-grained access rights management, it secures access and ensures compliance with information security standards for all administered logs. The optimized and proprietary database, included in every Beta Log, guarantees high-performance and encrypted storage of all log files. Additionally, with the optional archiving module, Beta Log facilitates the outsourcing of long-term data storage to external systems such as AWS S3.

User-Friendly Browser Interface

Accessing log files is essential for user types within an organization – from data center operations and application development to auditors. All require straightforward yet powerful access to log files, but finding the specific log can often feel like searching for the needle in the haystack.

Beta Log addresses this challenge with an intuitive, browser-based retrieval client. Our solutions simplify quick access to log files through various configurable query parameters, allowing users to easily identify and review potential matches. Additionally, for job logs, WLA-specific job information tables provide valuable context for the log file in relation to its job execution.

Intuitive Log File Viewer

The integrated log file viewer offers a suite of essential log management features. It enables users to send log files via email, reprint selected parts and manage notes or annotations, supporting critical business operations for log files. Users can inspect log file content through full-text queries, with the option to add notes and attachments at specific log file positions. All user activities are compliantly stored and archived by Beta View. Additionally, for certain logs, the file viewer can display data streams in either text or hexadecimal format, enhancing versatility and user experience.

Secure Authentication and Platform Flexibility

Our log management solutions offer various authentication options, including RACF for z/OS, built-in authentication and LDAP, supported by a built-in database engine that negates the need for external licenses. Operate seamlessly on z/OS or Linux platforms, with browser frontends supporting Chrome, Edge and Firefox, all using a J2EE application server.

What Our Clients Say

Workload Automation

Log Management for Your WLA Systems

Today’s data center architecture fundamentally relies on Workload Automation (WLA) as one of its cornerstones. With WLA systems, IT processes are streamlined, scheduled and orchestrated, bridging the growing diversity of IT platforms. But the growing number of workflows and platforms causes obstacles for the auditability and traceability of IT processes: Every initiated task of a WLA system is creating its own protocol file, called job log or job output.

Job output contains important information for the immediate or later analysis of the executed tasks. However, the management of the created log files presents some challenges. Each job output must be safely collected and correlated to its containing IT process, all log files must be stored compliantly for many years and for the efficient retrieval of single events, powerful query and review capabilities are needed.

This is where Beta Systems comes into play: Take control of your logs and experience hassle-free and secure log management with our comprehensive platforms and services!

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