Beta Systems relies on cooperation with strong partners in order to better achieve goals together. For this reason, we have competent contacts with many years of experience and in-depth know-how on site worldwide.

We support you in identifying sales opportunities so that you can win new customers and achieve higher profits.

Our partners


IBM and Beta Systems have had a partnership at the technical and sales level for many years. In numerous activities, the products and competence of IBM as the central provider in the mainframe environment and Beta Systems are used profitably for both partners.

More information about our partnership with IBM


SAP is the world’s largest enterprise software provider and the third-largest independent software vendor.



Al-Falak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Co. is our sales partner in the Middle East. The company is a leading provider of IT and communications solutions that has been among the top 100 companies in Saudi Arabia for four years now, according to Arab News.

araneaCONSULT GmbH

Since 2008, araneaCONSULT has been one of the most experienced solution providers on the IT service sector with a focus on IAM solutions, based in Potsdam.

We support our customers nationwide with highly professional services on the areas of identity and access management, governance and compliance, as well as infrastructure management and managed services for operating systems and applications.


Arrakis is uniquely positioned to provide the trusted advisor consultation services you need at an economical price point. Our personnel normally work closely with the “C” suite or Board of Directors to ensure complete visibility at all levels and reduce the risk profile to the client. Our personnel can also work closely with senior and mid-level managers to help that mission critical project become a success.

arvato Systems

As an internationally active IT specialist and multi-cloud service provider, arvato Systems supports renowned companies in their digital transformation.

More than 2,700 employees at over 25 locations worldwide stand for a high level of technical understanding, industry expertise and a clear focus on customer needs. As a team, arvato Systems develops innovative IT solutions, brings its customers into the cloud, integrates digital processes and takes over the operation and support of IT systems.

BTB - Betriebswirtschaftliche und -technische Beratungsgesellschaft mbH

Betriebswirtschaftliche und -technische Beratungsgesellschaft mbH deals with the development of software in client/server and z/OS environments. Their specialties are e-commerce solutions and the handling of large-volume databases. BTB’s technology products are integrated into the Beta Systems Document Management Suite, giving AFP full support with these products.


COMBIS is a regional high-tech ICT company focused on developing application, communication, security and system solutions and providing services. The company consults, develops, implements, integrates and maintains comprehensive information, application and communication solutions. COMBIS has proven its competence and adaptability, proactivity and customer orientation in more than a thousand projects in Croatia and abroad.


Compart AG was founded in 1992 and is today an established provider of software components and services for system suppliers, system integrators and end users in the field of large document and output management systems.


CROZ is focused on the financial and public sectors, as well as other large IT systems. CROZ’s services include turnkey projects or professional services including training, consulting and implementation in specific segments. CROZ’s team counts more than 180 employees and is known as a company capable of successfully completing challenging and difficult projects, with a reputation as a reliable business partner.


CSO is Beta Systems’ partner for the IAM and password management products in Portugal. Implementation, support, training and consulting services for Beta Systems IT security tools are provided by CSO to customers in Portugal. CSO – Chief Security Officers, SA – was founded in 2006 and is a leading IT security services provider in Portugal.

Eikon Solutions

Eikon Solutions is a technology partner to business and government with the goal of responding to the growing need for computerization, dematerialization, automation and process control.

ENETEL Solutions

ENETEL Solutions, a software development and systems integration company based in Beograd, Serbia, specializes in the telecommunications, financial and transportation industries. In these markets, ENETEL Solutions has many years of experience in the development, implementation, integration, and operation and maintenance of complex information systems.

GAIA Soluciones Informáticas

Gaia is constantly looking for the best IT solutions on the market in the areas of processing, security (device control, applications, email and data), communications, storage, databases, z/OS solutions.

Gaia is not just a supplier, but understands the needs of its customers and helps find solutions to improve your business processes.

GFS Software

The Brazilian company GFS Software specializes in the development of highly available, reliable software in the area of z/OS infrastructure. In addition, it acts as a distributor in Brazil for internationally known software development companies.


Guide Share Europe, GSE for short, is a European user group for IBM hardware and software. More than 1,300 companies that use IBM systems or products in the field of information technology are organized in it.

Through international conferences, the GSE Academy and online platforms, the GSE facilitates the exchange of knowledge, creates synergies and develops advanced technical solutions.

JMR Software

Established in 1987, JMR Software is an independent South African company but with strong international roots and relationships, particularly in the UK.

The company has a strong partnership model and use the best best technical solutions combined with powerful delivery methods to deliver the best possible results for its international customers.


Kofill has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, covering Greater China (Hong Kong, Taiwan and the PRC) and several ASEAN countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines).

Kofill’s customers include both public and private companies for whom data management and protection are absolutely critical. Kofill’s satisfied customers include the governments of Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia; financial institutions such as HSBC, Standard Chartered, ABN Amro and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; and other industry leaders such as VISA International, NEC Semiconductor, Siemens Medical Instruments, China Life and Malaysia Airlines.

MCX pro

The history of MCX Group dates back to 1988, when the first company started its operations. With the development, more specialized companies were established. The company MCX Telecom was separated in December 2008 and focuses its activities on the implementation of complex telecommunications projects.

Own proprietary solutions and cooperation with leading international technology partners in the field of ICT solutions provide MCX PRO customers with access to the latest technologies.

neusta identity & access management

neusta identity & access management supports customers in complying with regulatory requirements and minimizing business risks.

The services provided by neusta identity & access management include

  • Product-independent consulting for the introduction of IAM processes,
  • the definition and modeling of company-wide business roles
  • Implementation with proven tools from various vendors
  • Consulting and development of self-service scenarios
  • Coaching throughout all project phases

With more than ten years of experience, neusta identity & access management can rely on a broad network of customers, suppliers as well as manufacturers at any time. This makes neusta a particularly agile and reliable partner in the field of digital identities.

Pure IT Associates

Founded in 2009, Pure IT Associates is an IT consultancy based in the UK and Denmark.

Focused on providing and advising on IAM, Big Data and Open Banking solutions – helping organizations find the most appropriate technical solution to support their business and ensure business continuity in times of change.

Pure IT has successfully delivered projects worldwide – in banking and finance, capital markets, education, telecommunications, education and petrochemical sectors.

Spike Reply

Spike Reply is a Reply Group SpA company specializing in consulting services and integrated solutions for Business Security & Fraud Management. Spike Reply has broad competences for Identity and Access Management solutions, both in design and planning, and in implementation and maintenance. Spike Reply focuses on two main competencies: Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Security Integration / Testing.



SKyPRO is an IT service company with over 25 years of experience and offers innovative IT solutions with state-of-the-art technologies. For over 10 years, SKyPRO AG has been implementing innovative Identity Governance and Administration solutions in banks, insurance companies, industry and administrations.
We develop and implement identity lifecycle processes for the administration of identities and their authorizations across all IT relevant systems and applications within the company and in the cloud. This includes the administration of a lifecycle that creates, maintains and terminates an identity as needed, as well as manages authorization requests, including approval, recertification, risk assessment and separation of powers.
Our solutions include automatic provisioning of users and their rights across heterogeneous systems, authorization requests including self-service, control of user rights via policy enforcement workflows and execution of recertification.
We develop role models, perform risk analyses and generate reports to meet your compliance requirements.


SoftPlex is our technology and sales partner in Japan. The company provides software products and related services for IBM mainframes. SoftPlex is a business partner of IBM Japan.


Founded in 1981 and with over 30 years of experience, SOFTRON is a company whose traditional field is the presentation, marketing and implementation of technology solutions.

SOFTRON’s solutions support IT departments of large enterprises and enable our customers to achieve competitive advantage through the use of innovative technologies.

SOFTRON carefully selects the outstanding technology that best meets the specific needs of our clients and combines it with the expertise and experience of our team of consultants and local technicians.

Solving IT

Solving is a company that helps IT management to increase the value and benefits of corporate IT under clear and professional conditions.
In an environment where IT demands are growing in both quality and quantity, while headcount and budgets rarely follow these challenges, Solving has become a recognized IT service provider through expertise and growth, not least through a unified approach to service management, enterprise security, compliance and automation.
Solving’s 100% project success rate in the banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy and retail industries is a result of its deep understanding of business models, coupled with expertise from its expert consultants.

Sopra Steria

As a leading European management and technology consultant, Sopra Steria helps its clients drive digital transformation and achieve tangible and sustainable results. With consulting, digitalization and software development, Sopra Steria offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions that make large companies and public authorities more competitive and efficient – based on deep industry expertise, innovative technologies and a collaborative approach.

With 46,000 employees in 25 countries, the Group puts people at the center of everything it does to shape a positive future

STI IT Experts C.A.

IT Experts C.A. is a leading company in Venezuela in the field of information technology. The company develops and distributes technological solutions of excellent quality and and offers training, seminars and courses in the field.

Suasum Consejeros Informáticos

Suasum is a young company, yet composed of professionals with vast experience and knowledge of systems and processes that support business production.

Suasum’s expertise in information technology ranges from the traditional 370 mainframes to the heterogeneous distributed environments.

SYSM Systemmanagement

SYSM is a young and flexible service company that draws its unique strength and innovative power from the dynamic development of modern IT systems.

SYSM system management is based on precise analysis of the environment and sustainably improves processes so that you are always in full control.


With a wide range of e-business system management solutions, ÜMIT helps IT organizations manage their e-business from the network to the server to the application layer, giving a complete picture of the IT infrastructure.


Versaria is our sales partner in Mexico. Versaria’s customers include major banks, insurance companies and telecommunications companies.


Víntegris designs, implements and manages IT security infrastructures for Spain’s leading financial institutions and large enterprises. It provides customized and robust solutions to business needs through the integration of high-performance technologies to close the gap between standardized products and the needs of each company.


YCOS – Yves Colliard Software GmbH is the manufacturer of Operlog Tools. With the Operlog tools you can minimize the risk of an accidental system failure and significantly reduce the time needed to identify the cause. The tools also simplify the display and archiving of z/OS log streams (e.g. OPERLOG).

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