Enterprise workload management

Raise the bar of workload management with AutomateNOW!

More and more users with different roles interact with workload automation (WLA) software. WLA extends to online applications and orchestrates automation across the entire enterprise.

AutomateNOW! can control and orchestrate, automate and monitor any IT process, regardless of whether it’s an operating system, database, network service or business report.

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Beta Systems AutomateNOW!

Data ecosystem management

AutomateNOW! delivers fully event- and data-driven management of your entire data ecosystem across all systems and platforms.

AutomateNOW! takes control of and manages SAP jobs or jobs from other ERP systems externally. Automate tasks in these systems, such as system monitoring, job scheduling, workflow management and others, to reduce costs, speed up processing and meet business SLAs.

  • Accelerate data and batch processing by up to 70%
  • Reduce the operational and technical complexity by a factor of 3 to 10
  • Protect and monitor SLAs
  • Self-service for business users reduces data processing time and IT effort
    (by a factor of 1.5 to 5)


Automation in multi-cloud environments

Reduced manual chores & costs

AutomateNOW! is a cloud-independent tool that enables effective cost and workload management in complex multi-cloud environments whose workflows are driven by multiple technologies and support critical real-time systems through deep integration with specific cloud services from different cloud providers (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.).

  • Cost reduction by 30-60% on average
  • Reduction of workload by 20-40% on average
  • Diagnosis of occurred events is accelerated by 30-40%
  • Fully event-driven automation of multi-cloud environments
  • Real-time monitoring of SLAs across the ecosystem
The second largest Polish telecommunications company achieved a 20% reduction in workload capacity, 5-7 times acceleration in the areas of data loading by implementing AutomateNOW.


With over 15 million active customers, Orange achieved 30% fewer processing incidents, 20% less human effort, Better visibility and control.


Aviva Group with its 3.5 million customers in Poland achieved 50% cost reduction on AWS, 50% reduction in technical incidents, 4x acceleration of the financial month close process.

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