Enterprise control center

A control center for automated IT processes

_beta control acts as the control center for _beta job|z. It improves operational reliability, reduces administration workloads and allows non-mainframe users to rapidly access information residing in z/OS backends.

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Beta Systems _beta control

The ideal solution for automated IT processes

  • Highly transparent IT production:
    Use dashboards that provide a quick overview of your Beta Systems products and the processes & activities executed in this environment.
  • Web interface:
    Provide your specialist departments with IT-related information via a modern web interface.

  • Simple administration:
    Manage your Beta Systems products in a modern web interface.
    Use wizards to create and change definitions.

  • Automation via web API:
    Use the web API to access information and functions held/executed in your Beta Systems backends.


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beta control product mockup

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Overview of the main features of _beta control

This document provides you with an overview of the main features of _beta control.

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