GARANCY Process Center

GARANCY Process Center bridges the gap between business and security

The GARANCY Process Center allows you to use governance workflows within the IAM system to create digital processes and accelerate all processes relating to access rights.

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GARANCY Process Center

Creating authorization-based governance workflows

When it comes to assigning, revoking and changing access authorizations, business-oriented authorization workflows are rapidly gaining in importance. The task of ensuring that employees have the right access authorizations at the right time is increasingly being carried out by the corporate specialist departments themselves.

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Authorization management from the auditor’s point of view

In a joint effort with KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, we have summarized
what auditors perceive as red flags today and how you can effectively avoid audit findings.

Garancy Process Center

GARANCY Process Center

Integrating the specialist departments

  • Create binding process definitions and implement them in standard workflows.

  • Make the assigned access rights traceable and auditable.

  • Make sure that your IT security guidelines are enforced.

  • Shift responsibility for the administration of access rights to the specialist departments.

“The Beta Systems GARANCY IAM Suite was the only product that integrated seamlessly with our home-grown core insurance software.”

Nikola Birkic, IAM-Administrator, Merkur Versicherung

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Optimize and enforce business processes across the company

How to optimize and enforce business processes across the company

Increase your workflow efficiency.

  • Reduce processing times for access approvals.
  • Ensure seamless traceability of the authorization assignment process.
  • Improve user satisfaction by immediately assigning all required access rights.
  • Reduce the workload of IT administrators by getting the specialist departments involved.
  • Reduce the throughput times for all request procedures.


  • Observe all compliance regulations, norms and standards.
  • Protection from compliance violations / Segregation of Duties
  • Seamless documentation and complete traceability of all activities
  • Reduced costs of compliance measures

Process optimization

  • Fully automatic implementation after final approval
  • Predefined templates for authorization requests
  • Freely-configurable IT-based workflow requests (software, hardware)
  • Maximum flexibility while insuring high process security


  • High acceptance thanks to simple and intuitive operation
  • Frontend for end users available in 12 languages
  • Translation from IT jargon to business language
  • Escalation, delegation and ad-hoc changes
  • Status display and individual tracking for end users

How the management benefits

  • Improved transparency and audit-compliant, traceable processes
  • Definition of substitution rules
  • Clear escalation rules with an automatic reminder function
  • Simple delegation of work and approval tasks

How the specialist department benefits

  • Translation from IT jargon to business language
  • Creation of simple workflows all involved parties understand
  • Process-oriented management of staff and IT resources

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