GARANCY User Center

Manage employee lifecycles with ease

The GARANCY User Center covers the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to leaving, by efficiently managing employee authorizations and tracking all changes.

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Beta Systems identity and access management

The ideal identity management solution for dynamic companies.

Companies are increasingly subject to dynamic change that affects their operations, ranging from constantly evolving IT systems and applications to new legal provisions and increasingly intensive audits that have a major impact on corporate compliance.

There has never been more to do – all the more reason to rely on a powerful and efficient IAM system.

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Authorization management from the auditor’s point of view

In a joint effort with KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, we have summarized
what auditors perceive as red flags today and how you can effectively avoid audit findings.

GARANCY User Center

GARANCY User Center

Gain complete control over your IT landscape

All important information is protected reliably thanks to targeted security management. Approved access authorizations are automatically provisioned into the linked target systems – regardless of whether they were generated by automatic HR data imports or through approved workflow processes.

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“The Beta Systems GARANCY IAM Suite was the only product that integrated seamlessly with our home-grown core insurance software.”

Nikola Birkic, IAM-Administrator, Merkur Versicherung

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Corporate compliance requirements

Full security & proper IT compliance

In order to help companies meet the ever-growing number of legal provisions and other compliance-related requirements, we offer a solution package that:

  • fully covers all compliance requirements by integrating governance and provisioning in a single IAM system.
  • delivers extremely flexible audit and reporting functions via the GARANCY Access Intelligence Manager module.
  • offers powerful user and role recertification with GARANCY Recertification Center.
  • provides an extended data model comprising new compliance and business-relevant objects such as, for example, “user teams”.

Highly flexible IAM system

The entire company benefits from comprehensive flexibility

Flexibility for users

  • Highly flexible batch processing of HR data delivers automatic access rights management
  • Powerful data model including risk scores, user types and expiration dates
  • User lifecycle for onboarding/offboarding workflows via the GARANCY User Center Optimized governance workflows offer self services or administrative procedures using the GARANCY Process Center
  • Implement individual process requirements

Organizational and business IT flexibility

In order to help companies across the globe adapt to constantly changing organizational structures, we offer:

  • A strong role model that supports technical and business roles
  • Multi-client support with highly granular rights managed directly in the IAM system
  • Distributed data access control with GARANCY DAG
  • Powerful user and role recertification with GARANCY Recertification Center.
  • Highly scalable architecture, including customer identity management
  • Data models prepared for technical users based on Industry 4.0 IAM use cases
  • IAM as an “Identity as a Service” (IDaaS) service platform enables companies to outsource their IAM operation

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