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With the desire for greater flexibility and reduction of their own operating expenses, cloud offerings are enjoying an ever-growing clientele. Cloud IAM includes the Beta Systems offer of a Garancy IAM solution hosted and operated in AWS. The basis is the fully comprehensive Garancy IAM software with the portal functions application processes, recertification and reporting.

The Cloud IAM Setup Services aim at a lean provision of a pre-configured, standardised IAM functionality, with defined interface structures and standard connectors.

Rapid IAM Target Setup

Cloud IAM offers a feature-rich setup of standard IAM functions at the start of the project.
Standard import structures offer short-term use of functionality with customer data.
Test data and pre-configurations enable rapid verification and customisation design.

Iterative, efficient function provision

Rapid benefit generation, low risk, planning security through iterative configuration and expansion are central maxims of the approach.

The availability of consistent processes, functions and reporting offers the possibility of a quick technical familiarisation.

Harmonious solution operation

The services for the operation of the solution integrate harmoniously into existing ITSM processes at customers. These services are offered in cooperation with experienced partner companies.

In addition to monitoring and maintenance services, the SPOC structure ensures efficient, solution-oriented assurance of system functionality.

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