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The project planning of IAM solutions includes a technical, functional and organisational implementation and thus places increased demands on the implementation. Beta Systems Professional Service has over 25 years of implementation experience and, with its implementation methodology, offers a structured, best-practice-based approach that guarantees a high level of efficiency in cooperation and reduces the risks in terms of time and content.

Functional compliance in 3-4 months – The IAM introduction service package offers a structured approach in terms of content and time and enables a basic IAM implementation in 3-4 months. Die Leistungen fokussieren in gleichen Teilen auf die aktuellen Compliance-Anforderungen und auf die Steigerung der Effizienz im betrieblichen Berechtigungsmanagement.

Service Package IAM Introduction

The IAM introduction service package includes a technical-functional IAM basic implementation in 3-4 months and consulting services of approx. 70 days, consisting of:

-installation test-, production-environment

-solution design based on best-practice concepts

-HR import automation basic events

-2 Standard connectors

-Provision of integration framework

-Process, recertification configuration

-Test & Go-Live Support

-Technical coordination

Special customer-specific requirements can be analysed during the initial implementation and subsequently commissioned for realisation.

Individual benefit – Technical consulting

Industry-specific applications and in-house developments are beneficial individual connections for efficient, comprehensive authorisation management.

Beta Systems Professional Service can reference a large number of individual system connections in addition to the extensive standard and supports efficient project planning with its architects and developers.

Functional extensions or individual workflows (Process Center module) can increase the benefits in the overall context. Beta Professional Service offers experienced consultants for efficient design and implementation.

Professional counselling & Organisational counselling

The development of a functional abstraction of authorisation bundles in the form of roles, as well as the design of new organisational processes and work content require a lot of knowledge and experience.

Beta Systems Professional Service and its partner network support companies from analysis to evaluation and conception, implementation to roll-out.

The certified project managers and consultants each have excellent references and experience.

Garancy IAM Implementation Training

Good training of the project team is the basis for the achievement of goals and the success of the project. The Beta Systems training area offers basic and in-depth training for the implementation of the Garancy IAM solution.

In the basic training courses, the participants receive a comprehensive overview of the goals of an IAM introduction that conforms to specifications, the procedure in the project and get to know the data basis, functions and processes of the solution.

In the in-depth trainings, the system configurations and individualisation options of the software are dealt with.

The training courses are offered as web seminars or on-site at the Training Centre in Cologne.

Garancy IAM Existing Customer Care

In the case of new regulatory requirements as well as operational organisational and process-related changes and expansion requirements of the IAM solution, our Professional Service existing customer team will competently support you with decades of consulting experience.

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