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Beta Systems helps LVM shift their digital landscape into high gear

Realignment: Shifting from the mainframe to open Linux and Windows scenarios.

The idea behind this shift at LVM is to be able to adapt new processes more easily and quickly to the needs of customers – in other words, the insurer strives to become more agile.

More than 650 specialists in the insurance company’s corporate IT unit are responsible for this. They are modernizing the entire IT infrastructure by moving applications to the cloud and by replacing legacy applications on current mainframe systems with Java applications one by one.

Implementation: Restructuring of the mainframe operation

In order to achieve the goals associated with the realignment, the toolbox that has been used to control mainframe operations needs to be rebuilt. This involves replacing the existing schedulers with modern workload automation and output management solutions.

This new system for enterprise-wide workload automation management built on Beta Systems technology enables processes to be triggered and monitored simultaneously in a specific order and on a schedule across different systems and platforms – all from a single point of control.

Result: Compliant control and audit of process chains

The implemented Beta Systems extensions combine the various protocols of a business transaction regardless of their origin, thus providing LVM with a unique view and user experience of legally relevant protocols in a transparent and modern web user interface. “Log & Analysis for Control-M” is the name of the solution package from Beta Systems, which significantly extends the existing scheduler beyond the manufacturer’s standard range of functions.

The solution package has been in operation at LVM since April 2021, proving to the insurance group that Beta Systems is the ideal partner for modernizing their digital landscape. The IT expert, who is equally at home in the mainframe world and in open architecture landscapes, brings this cross-disciplinary competence to bear for their client.

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