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Beta Systems’ ANOW! Automation and Orchestration Solution Is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Berlin, 08. July 2024 – Beta Systems announces a significant development in its cloud strategy with the release of its flagship product, ANOW!, on the AWS Marketplace, thereby expanding access to a broader audience of cloud customers worldwide.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for ANOW!, a leading service automation and orchestration solution, is now officially available on the AWS Marketplace. This catalog of third-party software and services that run on the AWS allows cloud users to subscribe the product as a service. The service usage charges are included in the customers’ AWS bill, which reduces the procurement and billing complexities. With ANOW! SaaS offering, organizations can fully rely on Beta Systems’ hosting and operations services on AWS to automate and orchestrate their complex, hybrid environments in a streamlined and hassle-free way.

ANOW! is the most innovative workload automation product on the market according to independent industry analysts. The one-click-away concept, web-based interface, self-service, and collaboration features make ANOW! a groundbreaking solution that democratizes access to automation and its advantages, empowering both IT and non-technical users with the necessary tools and information. ANOW! effectively addresses the challenges of managing hybrid- and multi-cloud environments, such as insufficient integration and monitoring, and limited prediction, forecasting, and diagnostic capabilities. It provides a single point of cross-platform management across the entire enterprise ecosystem and helps control cloud usage costs.

Since becoming an official AWS partner in March 2024, Beta Systems has aimed to enhance its presence in the cloud ecosystem by leveraging the vast network and opportunities available to members of the Amazon Partner Network (APN). Offering ANOW! in the AWS Marketplace represents a natural progression in this partnership enabling co-selling activities between AWS and Beta Systems.

“We are proud to announce this pivotal advancement in the execution of our cloud strategy,” said Rigas Paschaloudis, Chief Operating Officer of Beta Systems. “The introduction of ANOW! on the AWS Marketplace not only strengthens our footprint in the cloud ecosystem but also reaffirms our commitment to innovation. This expansion enables us to reach a broader range of AWS customers, offering them the reliable, high-quality service that Beta Systems is renowned for.”

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