Beta Systems and BAYOONET agree OEM partnership for a joint data access governance solution

Beta Systems Software AG are partnering with BAYOONET to offer a Garancy® Data Access Governance solution for access management to unstructured data. The Garancy® DAG module is based on the data access governance solution ‘BAYOOSOFT Access Manager’ from BAYOONET AG, with whom Beta Systems is an OEM partner. The Garancy® DAG module can be used as a stand-alone solution or as a component of the Garancy® IAM Suite.

The amount of unstructured data, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations or emails, continues to grow rapidly. File systems and authorizations are becoming increasingly unmanageable. Unintentional and non-transparent accumulations of rights, and access rights of employees who have left the company that have not been removed, threaten information security and increase the risk of data misuse. Organizations need to gain clarity about who has access to what, who controls access, and whether structural weaknesses in the file system promote unintentional data leakage.

The data access governance solution extends down to the folder level, such as on file servers, in Microsoft SharePoint or other document management systems. Corporate data and critical information are thus far better protected against misuse. At the same time, risk management requirements are met.

Data owners in the business departments are able to control their access themselves without direct intervention by IT. Access rights are controlled via business-oriented, regulated application and approval workflows and role descriptions with integrated compliance checks: Risky deviations are immediately detected and corrected through target/actual rights comparisons.

The Garancy® DAG module can be coupled with the Garancy® IAM suite. All information is made available to the higher-level IAM system so that Administrators and users can continue to operate in their familiar environment and do not need to familiarize themselves with additional systems.

This can sustainably reduce operational efforts, e.g. in IT administration, while at the same time increasing information security through monitoring, auditing and transparent reporting for data managers in the specialist departments.

With the combined expertise of Beta Systems Software AG and BAYOONET AG, customers benefit from the many years of IAM experience of both companies and receive solutions that have proven themselves in practice in the marketplace.

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