Beta Systems Software AG donates z14 mainframe to the University of Leipzig

Beta Systems Software AG, a leading provider of IT solutions and services, is donating a z14 mainframe to the University of Leipzig.

The handover took place on 5 December 2023 in the Felix Klein lecture hall at Leipzig University.

The z14 mainframe is a high-performance computer that will provide valuable services in research and teaching. It is capable of performing complex calculations and simulations and processing large amounts of data. This makes it an ideal tool for training young specialists in the fields of computer science and mathematics.

"We are very pleased that we can make an important contribution to the training of young specialists at the University of Leipzig with this donation," said Mirko Minnich, CTO of Beta Systems Software AG. "Mainframe technology continues to form the backbone of many system-relevant industries such as banking, insurance and the automotive industry. With the rise of cloud technology, specialists with expertise in both technologies are becoming increasingly important."

The donation is a further step in the partnership between science and industry. Beta Systems is actively involved in science and is convinced that close co-operation between the two areas is essential for the success of Germany as a business location.

"Leipzig University has been involved in mainframe education for more than 20 years, which is a unique selling point of computer science in Leipzig. Thanks to the donation of the z14 mainframe, we are now finally in a position to incorporate artificial intelligence on the computer directly into the exercises of the courses, which was not technically possible with the previous model, an EC12. We are dependent on donations of this kind from industry, as new mainframes are far beyond the financial reach of the Chair," says Prof Dr Martin Bogdan from the Institute of Computer Science at Leipzig University.

The event on 5 December 2023 provided an excellent opportunity to strengthen the partnership between science and industry and to underline the importance of training young specialists. As part of the handover, several use cases were also demonstrated to show the potential of the mainframe.

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