Beta Systems wins DKMS as another new customer for Identity Management

User and access rights management for around 900 employees – DKMS, headquartered in Tübingen / Germany, will rely on the Garancy® IAM Suite in the future. With the Identity Access Management Suite from Beta Systems, the DKMS will control and monitor access to data and applications for 946 employees according to the organizational requirements and the professional role of each user.

The solution will implement the user and rights management with the modules Garancy® Identity Manager, Garancy® User Center, Garancy® Recertification Center and Garancy® Access Intelligence Manager including the Time Traveller for a multitude of connected systems. The Garancy® IAM Suite will replace the IAM implementation used so far.

The DKMS is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against blood cancer. It was founded in Germany in 1991 by Dr. Peter Harf and has since then, with more than 900 employees, pursued the goal of giving as many people as possible a second chance in life. With over 10 million registered life donors, it has succeeded in doing this more than 87,000 times to date through the mediation of stem cell donations. This makes her the world leader in the care of patients with stem cell transplants.

Besides Germany, the organization is active in the USA, Poland, UK and Chile. In India it has founded the joint venture DKMS-BMST together with the Bangalore Medical Services Trust; in South Africa the DKMS works together with its partner The Sunflower Fund, because: Like the organization itself, blood cancer knows no borders.

In addition, the DKMS is involved in the field of medicine and science with its own research unit in order to continuously improve the survival and healing chances of patients. In its high-performance laboratory, the DKMS Life Science Lab, it sets global standards in the typing of potential stem cell donors.

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