Garancy® Suite Update: Release of Version 24.1

Berlin, 13.06.2024 – Beta Systems has released an update for the Garancy® Suite. Version 24.1 contains new features and enhancements aimed at improved usability, enhanced security and significantly simplified system integration. Highlights of the updated version include the so-called adaptive agents, seamless integration of Atlassian products through SCIM Connect, a new guided step-by-step onboarding for FlexConnect, a comprehensive business monitoring dashboard and several enhanced features in the Portal. The new Garancy® version makes managing identities and access rights even easier and more efficient.

Adaptive Agents

The adaptive agents simplify the updating process significantly. As the agent in the target system expected fixed parameters from its respective connector in Garancy®, it was previously necessary to update the connector and the agent at the same time. In the latest version 24.1, agents can adapt to an updated connector on the fly.

Advantages of Adaptive Agents at a Glance:

  • The provisioning logic is directly connected to the backend and is updated with the backend

  • Configuration and customizing exclusively in the backend

  • Far less organizational coordination required

  • Admin rights in the target systems are no longer required

  • Agent updates are no longer necessary

  • More centralized management of settings

SCIM Connect Extension for Atlassian Products

SCIM Connect now offers the option of connecting Atlassian products such as Jira as a target system to the IDM. The connector supports the common SCIM functions used by Atlassian products.

Guided Onboarding for FlexConnect

A new FlexConnect offline system can now be created directly within the Garancy® Portal in six simple steps via the web application. The created target system provides a new structure, including governance and system data. It also displays accounts and groups, making all system-relevant information available in one central location. The initial loads can be started directly from the web application. Users get notified about the results through reports or messages.

Business Monitoring Dashboard: All KPIs at a Glance

The new Business Monitoring Dashboard provides an overview of the current situation of the system with the relevant KPIs in one central location. The dashboard is part of the Garancy® Portal and shows KPIs from all components of the Garancy® Suite.

More Features Now Available in the Portal

Beta Systems is pursuing the goal of integrating more and more IDM features into the Garancy® System Center. Many functions that were previously only available in the IDM Client can now be used in the Portal (web application). As a result, users now have access to numerous new functions that offer all the advantages of the System Center implementation.

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Extended filter options

  • Improved user experience

  • Access via uniform web application

  • Improved cloud availability

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