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Automation and Orchestration Software: ANOW!

Our next-generation enterprise automation software ANOW! goes beyond traditional workload automation. Get a single point of control over all your environments, platforms and tools in every area of your business to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and boost productivity. Discover all the possibilities our enterprise automation and orchestration platform has to offer!

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The Highlights

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Seamless Scalability

Unlock unparalleled growth potential thanks to ANOW!’s exceptional scalability. Effortlessly increase the number of workflows and extend automation across different operational areas and business processes. With our software, your automation and optimization capabilities can keep pace with your evolving needs.

Fast Deployment

Our platform supports easy installation and deployment of upgrades with zero downtime, using containers or any alternative method of your choice. This ensures your business maintains continuous operation and efficiency, enabling you to stay agile and responsive to changing market demands.

Highest Security Standards

Opt for an automation software that does not compromise on security, meeting the highest industry standards. Our solution allows multiple users to leverage automation in a secure environment, ensuring that your data and processes are always protected.

Web-Based Interface

Designed with an intuitive user interface, our web-based platform promises a seamless user experience for both IT and non-IT users. The platform is accessible from any browser to ensure that you can manage and monitor your automated processes from anywhere – providing flexibility and convenience that adapts to your dynamic work environment.

Leading in the Industry

ANOW! achieved the highest rating in the prestigious “EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation and Orchestration 2023” conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). Being awarded the title of “Value Leader” underscores ANOW!’s leading position in the industry.

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High Availability Architecture

Seamless Enterprise Automation Through Infinite Integrations

ANOW! seamlessly integrates with any data source, third-party services, applications and essential systems. Choose from as many as 300 ready-made integrations or create your own connectors with various technologies, including Cloud services (Azure, AWS, GCP), Databases, ERP, ETL, z/OS and many more.

  • 300 out-of-the-box integrations

  • Creation of custom connectors

  • Versatile technology compatibility

ANOW! Resources

Find out how our automation software can revolutionize your workflows: Visit our download section for free resources and discover the transformative power of ANOW!

The Key Features

Orchestration of Data Pipelines

Enhance your data management by ensuring seamless and precise data flows, providing your business with valuable real-time insights. Establish a centralized hub for data-driven enterprises, streamlining your data pipeline management for optimal efficiency and insight generation.

Cloud Orchestration

Providing a single point of control, our comprehensive cloud orchestration solution enables seamless integration and unified management across different environments – on-premise and in the private or public cloud.

SAP Automation

Enhance your SAP operations for greater performance and cost efficiency. Streamline SAP workloads by optimizing the number of jobs and workflows, reduce manual intervention and optimize your SAP environment with next-generation SAP operations automation based on contextual intelligence.

Managed File Transfer

Efficiently handle large-scale data transfers across complex and varied environments. Whether you are dealing with on-premise systems or cloud-based solutions, our platform ensures secure and reliable data exchanges. Supported operating systems include Linux, UNIX, AIX, z/OS, Windows, HPUX, Solaris and OpenVMS.

Automation of Business-Critical Processes

Maximize your IT team’s productivity by automating business-critical operations in real-time. By automating all operational activities, your IT staff can focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine tasks.

Automation of Application Processes

Integrate and automate processes across various business applications and critical systems. Gain comprehensive control over your processes and delivery timelines to ensure that your business operates smoothly and efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ANOW! can be connected to any data source and third-party services, applications and critical systems. You can choose from 300 out-of-the-box integrations or build your own connectors with all types of technologies, including cloud services, databases, SAP, ERP and many other platforms.

The ANOW! user interface is web-browser-based with no additional plugins required. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

Both the software and the development process of ANOW! comply with leading industry standards: GDPR, ISO27001, SOX, SOC 2 and PCI DSS.

We offer fair and transparent licensing options that will enable you to achieve the best cost-deployment efficiency: You can choose between flexible SaaS or on-prem models, with service maintenance and subscription fees adapted to your required support levels. For detailed information, please reach out to our Sales Team.