Garancy® Data Access Governance for Unstructured Data

The dedicated administration and control tool for accessing unstructured data.

Companies have to process more and more unstructured data, such as documents, tables, presentations or e-mails, on a daily basis. This leads to increasingly chaotic file systems and access authorizations. Information security is threatened by undesired rights accumulations, multiply used accounts and orphaned user rights of previous employees.

What is needed to fix this problem is clarity on who may access what data, who controls data access and whether the file system has structural weaknesses that facilitate data leakage. To gain this clarity, you need an effective, well-structured access management tool that complements your standard identity access management solutions.

Beta Systems’ IAM: Protection from Inside Perpetrators with the Need-to-Know Principle

Beta Systems’ Garancy® IAM Suite assists organizations in providing proper access control for all employees in their organization.

Your Benefits

Portal Self-Services

Garancy® Data Access Governance enables access management below the Active Directory group level and down to the folder and file level, e. g. to file servers, in Microsoft SharePoint or other document management systems. Integrated release workflows or portal self-services automatically connect the respective data owners or project leaders with the assignment processes.

Built-in Compliance Checks

The built-in compliance checks allow users to compare target and actual rights to identify high-risk deviations on the spot.

Self-Managed Data Access

Garancy® Data Access Governance puts the specialist departments back in charge of stored information: A simple process that does not require direct involvement of the IT administration allows data owners to decide who may access certain data resources when, where and to what extent.

Compliance in Data Governance

Garancy® Data Access Governance allows specialist departments to autonomously govern data, resources and access rights in compliance with all applicable laws and standards.

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