Secure and Smooth Access to Various IT Platforms with Garancy® Password Management

The Password Management module ensures secure and smooth access to various IT platforms or applications in distributed system landscapes and simplifies the enforcement of IT security policies relating to passwords.

The Garancy® Password Synchronization solution provides a consistent method for managing central password and user ID access attributes across all platforms. Password changes are automatically synchronized with all connected systems and applications, enabling users to access all applications assigned to them. Whenever a password on the system is changed, the system updates the password accordingly in all relevant accounts throughout the network.

This greatly reduces the number of passwords your employees need to memorize since access to most systems takes place via a common, synchronized password. This helps to make the handling of passwords less complex and significantly reduces the number of lost passwords. It also provides an incentive for users to refrain from writing down their passwords, thus improving overall corporate security.


Garancy® Password ResetGarancy® Password Synchronization

Beta Systems’ IAM: Protection from Inside Perpetrators with the Need-to-Know Principle

Beta Systems’ Garancy® IAM Suite assists companies in providing proper access control for all employees within their organization.

Your Benefits

System Security

System security is maintained through authentication prompts, recognized standard encryption technologies and a secure kiosk web connection. By significantly reducing the helpdesk workload and ensuring shorter downtimes, the approach improves user productivity.

Password Self-Reset

When a user forgets or enters an incorrect password, the tool assigns the task of regaining access to all relevant systems to the individual user, reducing the workload for IT specialists and minimizing user downtime. Additionally, the password self-reset feature makes it easy to enforce company-wide rules and regulations for creating passwords.

Password Management

The flexible, customizable infrastructure allows customers to implement global and consistent password management rules. The application generates comprehensive audit logs that document any changes made to passwords and user IDs.

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