Creating Authorization-Based Governance Workflows with the Garancy® Process Center

The Process Center allows you to use governance workflows within the IAM system to create digital processes and accelerate all processes related to access rights.

When it comes to assigning, revoking and changing access authorizations, business-oriented authorization workflows are rapidly gaining in importance. The task of ensuring that employees have the right access authorizations at the right time is increasingly being carried out by the corporate specialist departments themselves.

The Garancy® Process Center is designed to integrate specialist departments seamlessly, enabling the creation of binding process definitions that are implemented in standard workflows. This integration ensures that assigned access rights are both traceable and auditable, upholding transparency and accountability. The system is built to enforce IT security guidelines rigorously, ensuring that your organization's security protocols are consistently followed. Additionally, it facilitates the delegation of access rights administration to specialist departments, shifting responsibility closer to those with the expertise, thereby enhancing efficiency and precision in access management.

Beta Systems IAM: Protection from Inside Perpetrators with the Need-to-Know Principle

Beta Systems Garancy® IAM Suite assists companies in providing proper access control for all employees within their organization.

Your Benefits

Workflow Efficiency

By streamlining the access approval process, organizations can significantly reduce processing times, ensuring that authorization assignments are seamless and fully traceable. This not only improves user satisfaction by promptly providing all necessary access rights but also lightens the workload of IT administrators. Involving specialist departments in the process contributes to this efficiency, allowing for a more distributed approach to access management. Moreover, this collaborative method leads to reduced throughput times for all request procedures, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Robust Governance

Ensuring adherence to all compliance regulations, norms and standards is crucial to protect your organization from compliance violations, including the critical aspect of Segregation of Duties (SoD). Implementing these measures provides seamless documentation and complete traceability of all activities. Organizations can significantly reduce the costs associated with compliance measures, achieving both regulatory compliance and cost-effectiveness.

Process Optimization

Achieve maximum flexibility and ensure high process security with our system that offers a fully automatic implementation post-final approval. Utilize predefined templates for authorization requests and benefit from the freely configurable IT-based workflow requests for software and hardware. This approach not only simplifies the request process but also maintains stringent security standards, providing a balance between operational agility and robust security.

Enhanced Usability

Enjoy high user acceptance with a system that boasts simple and intuitive operation, ensuring ease of use for all. Our end-user frontend is available in 12 languages. The platform translates complex IT jargon into clear business language, making it accessible to users of all technical levels. It includes features like escalation, delegation and ad-hoc changes, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness. Additionally, users benefit from a status display and individual tracking, allowing them to monitor their requests and actions with ease and transparency.

Optimize and Enforce Business Processes Across the Company

Benefits for Specialist Departments

  • Translation from IT jargon to business language

  • Creation of simple workflows all involved parties understand

  • Process-oriented management of staff and IT resources

Benefits for the Management

  • Improved transparency and audit-compliant, traceable processes

  • Definition of substitution rules

  • Clear escalation rules with an automatic reminder function

  • Simple delegation of work and approval tasks

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