Direct IAM Data Management with the Garancy® System Center

The System Center enables business users to directly access and edit Garancy® Identity Manager data and provides role managers with direct access to the roles for which they are responsible.

Companies that use IAM installations often need to manage individual user and role object details. Regardless of whether these are organizational management properties or additional information about the characteristics of the role, customer-specific attributes represent important information in a broad range of Garancy® portal application and recertification processes.

The Garancy® System Center integrates seamlessly with the Garancy® portal, including its look and feel. A new tab in the portal provides authorized users with access to the System Center. Users do not need to log in to Garancy® IDM as the Garancy® portal takes care of the appropriate single sign-on (SSO) to the System Center. All language and color scheme settings are also adopted from the Garancy® portal.

Beta Systems IAM: Protection from Inside Perpetrators with the Need-to-Know Principle

Beta Systems Garancy® IAM Suite assists companies in providing proper access control for all employees within their organization.

Your Benefits

Role Objects

The role objects can be managed both in the respective master data (description, SoD class, risk assessment) and in the associated authorization structure by included groups or roles. In the process, changes to the roles are propagated directly to the target systems.

Extensive Filter Options

System Center users can draw on extensive filter options that make it easy to identify the desired role object from the extensive set of managed roles. New creation, modification and deletion: The entire lifecycle of roles can be controlled directly via role administration.

Simplified User Experience

The System Center enhances user experience by simplifying the use of customer attributes in User and Recertification Center processes. Users can easily select and apply these attributes as information in user and role profiles or as filter criteria for object selection – without a project setup.

Focus on Administration

The System Center as a Component of the Garancy® Portal

Applications increasingly take center stage in the authorization concept. There is a growing trend that the IT application affected by a certain authorization will itself determine the technical/specialist reasons for assigning specific authorizations to a given employee. In this respect, the ability to manage applications is an important part of authorization assignment.

The System Center allows application owners to control the lifecycle of their IT applications. They can reconfigure applications in the System Center and, if necessary, adjust the associated master data. Application owners are provided with a direct view of the roles, groups and accounts assigned to their application at any time.

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