Insights into the Role of a Working Student in Product Management at Beta Systems

Having joined the team last year, Cinthya was drawn to Beta Systems' modern corporate culture and diverse learning opportunities. As a working student, she gets to handle a range of different tasks which makes here job diverse and exciting.


Cinthya Salazar

Working Student Product Management

When did you start working at Beta Systems? Why did you choose Beta Systems back then?

I've been part of the Beta Systems team since 2023. I chose Beta Systems due to its modern corporate culture and diverse learning opportunities. Known not only for industry leadership but also for its open and collaborative work environment, Beta Systems values innovation and teamwork. During my time here, I've had the chance to work on exciting projects and learn from talented colleagues. I'm confident that my journey at Beta Systems has just begun, and I look forward to making a positive contribution to the team and company goals.

What are your tasks at Beta Systems?

As a working student, I handle a diverse range of tasks, including accounting, designing customer opinion surveys, contributing to internal and external communication, and shaping our User Research website.

Office or home office?

For me, a mix of both is ideal. Working three days a week as a working student, I spend two days in the office, surrounded by friendly colleagues and enjoying good coffee. Since I live a bit away from the office, I work from home on the third day. This flexibility allows me to make the most of both worlds and optimize my work.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I find most enjoyable is the opportunity to engage in User Research projects. Here, I can unleash my creativity, working on our User Research website and preparing customer surveys to better understand their needs. This combination of creative and analytical aspects makes my job fulfilling and exciting.

What do you particularly appreciate about your colleagues?

I particularly appreciate the support, helpfulness, and humor of my colleagues, always ready to assist with any questions. This supportive atmosphere creates a positive work environment, allowing me to continuously develop. Honesty and reliability are additional qualities contributing to this atmosphere, making collaboration pleasant.

What qualities do you need for a job in your field? What challenges are there?

The willingness to face new challenges is crucial. The position as a working student in product management requires a blend of analytical thinking, communication skills, teamwork, and creativity to successfully manage products and meet the demands of the evolving market.

What 3 words would you use to describe Beta Systems?

Transformational, team-oriented & visionary.

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