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Identity Access Management

Beta Systems Software AG's Management


Management Board

Dr. Andreas Huth and Armin Steiner

Supervisory Board

Wilhelm K. T. Zours (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)


  • Member of the Board of DELPHI Unternehmensberatung AG, Heidelberg


Prof. Dr. Heiko Wenzel-Schinzer (Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board)


  • Managing Director WENZEL Group GmbH & Co. KG, Wiesthal
  • Managing Director WENZEL Messtechnik GmbH, Blaubeuren
  • Managing Director WENZEL Präzision GmbH, Wiesthal
  • Managing Director WENZEL Software Solutions GmbH, Wiesthal

Jens-Martin Jüttner


  • Member of the Board Sparta AG, Hamburg

Veit Paas


  • Mathematician

Dr. Wolfgang Bendig


  • Employee Representative, Senior Software Developer

Stefan Hillenbach


  • Employee Representative, Senior Manager Consulting

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