Controlling access to the mainframe

Get your security up to speed with _beta access

_beta access for z/OS RACF facilitates the simple administration, monitoring and auditing of your z/OS security system. Securely operate any number of z/OS systems and RACF databases using the administration, audit, analysis and monitoring tools of the suite.

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Beta Systems _beta access

beta access for z/OS RACF facilitates the simple administration, monitoring and auditing of your z/OS security system.

Are you looking for a single point of control for all corporate RACF systems? beta access monitor provides functions for capturing security-relevant events and for the rapid escalation of these to predefined recipients or operations monitoring systems.

Opt for a reliable solution that brings efficiency and security to bulk data processing.

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Simplified z/OS log stream handling

Our Operlog Tools allow you to minimize the risk of accidental system downtime and greatly reduce the time required to identify the root cause. The tools furthermore simplify viewing and archiving of z/OS log streams (such as OPERLOG).

Draw on powerful search functions that empower you to quickly home in on the piece of information you are looking for. Rapidly process and reliably archive millions of log entries. No problem at all with Operlog Tools from Beta Systems.

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Controlling access to the mainframe

Total mainframe access control

  • Convenient handling using optimized ISPF panels, web interfaces and easy-to-use Windows-based programs.
  • Transparent administration of RACF thanks to automatic RACF commands or bulk user profile updating.
  • Ease your central administration burden with _beta access easy, our application that allows you to delegate routine tasks to local administrators.
  • Provide a convenient Windows interface that allows auditors to operate the system without any special RACF know-how.
    Real-time monitoring: Alert the respective users in real time whenever a critical RACF or security-relevant event occurs.
  • Analyze SMF records of the authorization system using predefined reports.
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“We can now easily identify security vulnerabilities in the RACF system and meet compliance regulations. Even users with little technology experience can generate the required audit reports.”

Sela Santamaría Direktorin for IT-Systeme bei Cecabank

“The tools offer analysis methods our IT team previously did not have or that required great effort on our part.”

Clemens Berchtold, System Administrator Core Infrastructure, ARZ

“We now have a fully functional output management solution that also saves us money compared to our previous solution CA Spool.”

Andreas Meyer, Senior Manager Platform Management

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User-friendly centralized RACF administration

Complete control & security of your mainframe access

These product features give you full administrative control of your access to the mainframe:

  • Online or batch execution
  • Merging of different RACF databases

  • Automatic generation of RACF commands

  • Scheduled assignment of access rights
  • A user-friendly ISPF interface delivers functions for centralized RACF administration
  • Extensive maintenance of RACF profiles
  • Transparent overview of all information managed in the RACF system

Complete control of your mainframe access

Comprehensive control for the entire mainframe & environment

Control for users

  • Gain easy functions for automatically analyzing your RACF data and generating meaningful, audit-compliant PDF reports.
  • Even non-technical users are empowered to check the RACF system and generate audit reports. Thanks to the user-friendly Windows interface, this can be done without direct access to the z/OS system.
  • Easily analyze SMF data as well as RACF and z/OS environment settings, check violations that impact your security and ensure that the configured RACF settings properly protect your system.
  • Conveniently analyze your RACF databases using a Windows-based GUI.
  • The _beta access monitor real-time monitoring tool alerts relevant staff to critical RACF events, such as when sensitive data is being accessed or when critical user attributes are being modified.

Organizational and business control

To help you provide security at the organizational level and to your operating environment, we offer these features:

  • Free up capacities in your central administration by delegating simple authorization tasks to a help desk or to specially authorized departmental users.
  • Provide SMF data in various formats (CSV, XML) for downstream processing on the z/OS platform or in the client/server world.

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