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Beta Access: Optimize Your Mainframe Access Control with Our z/OS Administration Tool

Are you looking for a single point of control for all corporate RACF systems? Beta Access facilitates the convenient and secure management of all RACF data in your IT environment. It provides functions for capturing security-relevant events and for the rapid escalation of these to predefined recipients or operations monitoring systems. Opt for a reliable solution that brings efficiency and security to bulk data processing. Ease your central administration burden with Beta Access easy, our application that allows you to delegate routine tasks to local administrators.

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Easy Operation

Convenient handling using optimized ISPF panels, web interfaces and easy-to-use Windows-based programs: Thanks to the convenient Windows interface auditors can operate the system without any special RACF know-how.

Transparent Administration

Enable transparent RACF administration thanks to automatic RACF commands or bulk user profile updating.

RACF Help Desk

Ease your central administration burden with Beta Access easy Web Help Desk. The application allows you to delegate routine tasks to local administrators.

Real-Time Monitoring

Alert the respective users in real-time whenever a critical RACF or security-relevant event occurs.

SMF Analysis for RACF Events

Analyze SMF records of the authorization system using predefined reports.

Beta Access Ressourcen

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The Key Features

End-to-End Solution for RACF Management

All actions and changes made to RACF databases managed with Beta Access are captured and logged in a dedicated relational database. This ensures that administrators and auditors have access to accurate RACF data at any time – without the need for granting users direct access to RACF. A database generation concept built into the suite means that you can roll back extensive RACF changes and furthermore provides automatic real-time security monitoring!

Designed for high-availability environments, Beta Access delivers functions for the centralized administration of multiple z/OS systems, including Sysplex/Monoplex support. It thus provides you with a single point of control for all corporate RACF systems.

Coverage of All Key RACF Security Management Areas

Our user-friendly ISPF interface provides centralized functions for RACF administration, streamlining your security management processes. By delegating simple authorization tasks to a help desk or specially authorized departmental users, you can significantly free up capacity in your central administration. Furthermore, our system allows even non-technical users to check the RACF system and generate audit reports without requiring direct access to the z/OS system, thanks to a user-friendly Windows interface. This functionality enables the analysis of SMF data as well as RACF and z/OS environment settings, helping you to identify security violations and verify that your RACF settings are adequately protecting your system.

Additionally, you can conveniently analyze your RACF databases using our Windows-based GUI. To enhance security oversight, our real-time monitoring tool alerts relevant staff to critical RACF events, such as unauthorized access to sensitive data or modifications to critical user attributes, ensuring prompt and effective responses to potential security threats.

What Our Clients Say

Mainframe Access

Comprehensive Control for the Entire Mainframe and Environment

Control for Users

Effortlessly analyze and monitor your RACF data with our intuitive Windows-based tool, enabling both technical and non-technical users to generate meaningful, audit-compliant PDF reports without needing direct access to the z/OS system. Analyze SMF data, RACF, and z/OS environment settings to identify security violations and ensure your system's protection. Our Beta Access monitor provides real-time alerts for critical RACF events, enhancing the security oversight of sensitive data and user attribute modifications.

Organizational and Business Control

Enhance your organizational and operational security with our features designed to streamline administration and data processing. Delegate basic authorization tasks to help desk staff or authorized departmental users to optimize your central administration's capacities. Additionally, our system offers flexible SMF data provision in formats like CSV and XML for seamless downstream processing, whether on the z/OS platform or in the client/server environment.

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Success Story

Cecabank Automates Mainframe Administration Tasks with Beta Access

Authorization management at Cecabank: The bank automated its mainframe security and cybersecurity risk management with software from Beta Systems.

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