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Distributed Job Scheduling for z/OS with Beta JobZ

With Beta JobZ, our powerful job scheduling software for small to large businesses, you can conveniently connect all your distributed servers and the applications hosted there (e. g. SAP) with the mainframe. Our job scheduler tool lets you control your automated processes across all relevant platforms while saving costs at the same time. We support any mainframe scheduler and all common operating system platforms, such as Linux, Unix, Windows, IBM System i and IBM Z. Discover our job scheduling programs now!

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The Highlights

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Boost Server Performance

Enhance your server capabilities with integrated dynamic workload balancing, ensuring optimal performance with integrated dynamic workload balancing for optimal performance.

Exceptional System Stability

Ensure exceptional system stability with our automatic failover management, designed to keep operations running smoothly despite any failures or disruptions.

Cut Mainframe Costs

Reduce mainframe operational costs by efficiently delegating workload tasks to distributed systems through smart agents.

Automate Application Processes & Servers

Streamline operations by automating application processes and servers through advanced event-based scheduling.

Seamless System Integration

Integrate SAP systems and other applications seamlessly into your automation workflows, bridging mainframe, SAP and distributed servers.

Control Batch Processes with Ease

Easily manage and control batch processes by empowering admins with Beta Control, a control center with a modern web interface for automated IT processes.

Effortless Data Transfers

Simplify data transfer jobs by using the Enterprise Job Manager’s comprehensive file transfer capabilities.

The Job Management solution of Beta Systems is used by major car manufacturers to bring added efficiency to their IT automation.

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Beta JobZ Resources

Our download section provides you with free resources to guide you through the benefits and capabilities of Beta JobZ.

The Key Features

Expand the reach of your mainframe workload automation solution with our job scheduler Beta JobZ.

Cross-Platform Job Scheduling

Experience seamless batch job automation under z/OS in both centralized and distributed IT environments thanks to our robust agent network. Whether it’s executing SAP transactions during your month-end closing routines or delegating batch workloads to non-z/OS systems, this powerful agent network provides you with a single point of control for timely and efficient batch job management.

Rapid Application Provisioning

Streamline your batch workload distribution across multiple servers, offering centralized control through the mainframe and z/OS scheduler. The integration of our job scheduling system simplifies the connection of various applications running on Windows, Linux and Unix, seamlessly incorporating them into your centralized automation workflow.

Application Automation Using Event Control

Business applications such as ERP or CRM can communicate with the Beta JobZ agent, enabling them to execute processes or transactions on the mainframe. Either have the applications drive the scheduler or vice versa, depending on your specific needs. Both approaches ensure robust reliability thanks to failover mechanisms. Additionally, when using IBM Workload Scheduler (IWS/ TWS), you can directly control event parameters via the exit interface.

Automating SAP Systems

Beta JobZ excels when paired with SAP, offering a specialized command suite tailored for the direct automation of various SAP systems. This enables efficient and centralized batch job monitoring directly within Beta JobZ, streamlining your SAP system management.

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Control Your Automated Processes With Beta Systems’ Beta JobZ

Beta JobZ conveniently connects all your distributed servers and the applications hosted there (e.g. SAP) with the mainframe.

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