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Infraray BICS: The All-Rounder for Your IT Infrastructure

Make sure you never lose control again! Infraray BICS provides you with a central platform for managing your entire IT infrastructure reliably and transparently. Discover, manage and control everything connected to your network with Infraray BICS (Business Infrastructure Control System). This modular suite allows you to administer complex network environments in an unimagined level of detail – securely and with ease.

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The Highlights

Your Benefits

Our customizable solution offers numerous benefits for different user groups, whether you are navigating the complexities of a live environment, leading a dynamic team or making critical decisions for your organization.

For Users

Enhance user experience with Infraray BICS’ unparalleled flexibility. We deliver an extensive array of support services to meet your every need.

  • Detection of all network or end devices and connections

  • Central interface and intuitive dashboards

  • Fast and reliable event and alert management

For Team Leaders

Get a comprehensive IT infrastructure solution with a centralized interface and intuitive dashboards – for full transparency and improved team performance.

  • Managing device information across the IT network

  • Monitoring of device parameters

  • Alerts for new device connections

  • Detailed hardware and software inventories

For Managers

As a manager aiming to reduce costs while expanding and reliably managing your IT infrastructure, our software solution provides possibilities to achieve savings of up to 90 %.

  • Easy, fast and financially calculable upgrades and configurations

  • Precise in-house cost allocation

  • Highly scalable, flexible deployment architecture

  • Enhanced team reporting

Infraray BICS Resources

Unlock the full potential of your IT infrastructure with Infraray BICS. Dive into our comprehensive collection of free resources, including detailed product flyers and insightful information sheets.

The Key Features

Infraray BICS offers comprehensive solutions for network and IT infrastructure management, security and automation. Companies around the world rely on the software as it integrates seamlessly and helps to reduce costs.

Network Discovery and Visibility

Infraray BICS excels in the lightning-fast discovery, visualization and classification of complex IT networks and devices, making it an ideal solution for heterogeneous environments. Its standout feature is the capability to swiftly locate, connect to, and accurately categorize any device within the network. Additionally, Infraray BICS aids in cost reduction by promptly delivering precise information about connected endpoints, streamlining network management and enhancing operational efficiency.

Network Management and Monitoring

The Network Management module delivers a high-performance management solution, offering a comprehensive 360-degree overview of your network. It supports extensive management and monitoring capabilities, including CPU utilization, bandwidth, temperature and more, enabling you to reduce costs through efficient network management. By detecting, alerting and responding to threats promptly, it emphasizes efficiency and security as pivotal elements for cost reduction and enhanced network management.

Network Security

Infraray BICS enhances your network security management across complex IT infrastructures by offering a centralized monitoring solution that operates independently of device manufacturers through its Network Security module. This advanced tool ensures the detection of new, unauthorized and compromised devices, identifies unplanned or unauthorized changes to device configurations and reports and prevents suspicious communication relationships, safeguarding your network against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Asset Management

BICS Asset Management revolutionizes network management by offering identification and real-time monitoring of all device information within the network – ranging from type, name, IP address, subcomponents, and other data accessible via network protocols – throughout their entire lifecycle. This module facilitates seamless collaboration between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), ensuring comprehensive tracking and maintenance of IT and OT assets from acquisition to disposal.

Reaping the rewards of lightning-fast, complete network discovery: Easy management of 15,000 network devices and 350,000 ports.

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Product Media

Infraray BICS: Business Infrastructure Control System

Infraray BICS (formerly Auconet) offers a new, efficient approach to control complex networks with the following core functions: Detection of network devices, connections and endpoints of your entire network, flexible event and alarm handling, comprehensive customizable dashboards – all controlled by a modern user interface.

Transforming IT Infrastructure with Infraray BICS

See how organizations of all sizes use our software solutions to streamline complex IT processes and improve operational efficiency.


Reference Project: Infraray BICS’ Role in Transforming Network Monitoring for an Industrial Giant

Read our white paper to learn how one of the world's largest industrial giants used Infraray BICS to discover 260,000 network endpoints in just four days, significantly improving their global network management and security compliance.

Discovery Revolutionary Network Visibility: Insights from the Deutsche Bahn Case Study

This whitepaper presents the case study of Deutsche Bahn and how they achieved exceptional control and visibility over their extensive network of over 15,000 devices and 350,000 ports using the innovative Infraray BICS solution.

Financial Network Security: Insights from the Finanz Informatik Case Study

Discover how Finanz Informatik uses Infraray BICS to secure and manage the extensive network infrastructure of the German banking sector, ensuring compliance and providing unparalleled network visibility. Learn the key strategies employed in this in-depth case study.

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