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ProcMan: Change Management DevOps Tool for Control-M, IWSz and JCL

Stay on top of your mainframe IT operations! ProcMan automates IT operations, handling tasks and workload objects such as Control-M, IWSz and JCL. It offers custom interfaces, supports multiple IT environments and ensures compliance with the 4-eyes principle. Key features include version control, automated deployments and system integration, optimizing IT workflows from development to production.

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The Highlights

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Enhanced Efficiency

Significantly reduce manual effort for development and operations.

Auto-Check and Execution

Object changes are automatically checked and executed.

Versioning and Revision Proof

The software enables comprehensive versioning and revision proof for all changes.

Generating Across Environments

JCL, IWS job nets and Control-M applications can be created across various environments.

Hands-Off Compliance

Enhance compliance with hands-off production principles.

Error Mitigation

Objects are immediately verified for compliance with environmental rules, reducing errors.


Get clear, detailed reports for full transparency and traceability of modifications.

Scheduled Auto-Updates

Target environments are kept up-to-date with scheduled, automatic updates through an integrated scheduler.

ProcMan Resources

Download our free resources for in-depth insight into ProcMan. Explore a curated set of presentations and flyers to deepen your understanding and support your operations.

The Key Features

Custom Workflows and Role-Specific Activities

ProcMan facilitates the setup of personalized workflows and transition processes, clarifying the path that objects like JCL, IWSz, and Control-M take towards production. It assigns distinct roles, like application developers or production planners, defining their specific tasks during the handover stage.

4-Eyes Principle and Hands-Off Production

Leverage the 4-eyes principle to enhance security for crucial operations, ensuring that actions are validated and executed by separate individuals for added reliability. ProcMan supports a "hands-off production" approach, automating all production changes to minimize manual errors and maintain process integrity.

Comprehensive Change Auditing

ProcMan ensures that every modification is recorded in a secure, audit-compliant database. With a simple click, users can generate detailed reports, revealing the specifics of each change, including the affected object, the timing, and the nature of the alteration.

Compliance and Standard Adherence

ProcMan allows the customization of rules and guidelines for JCL and related objects, with distinct rulesets for each object type. User inputs in selection fields and text areas are also verifiable within the ProcMan interface.

Automation for Object Changes

ProcMan simplifies your IT operations with robust automation, seamlessly checking and adapting workload objects for each environment. From minor job name updates to intricate, context-specific alterations, ProcMan automates these processes effortlessly.

Deployment Automation

ProcMan empowers you to control the timing and destination of object deployments, enabling automatic and scheduled releases with minimal personnel. It facilitates the management of extensive changes, such as those in release deployments, efficiently and with reduced staffing requirements.

Object Version Control

The ProcMan database captures every change to objects, enabling swift and straightforward retrieval of previous versions.

API System Integration

Easily connect ProcMan with your existing systems using a Rest API, enabling seamless data exchange and workflow coordination.

Product Media

ProcMan: Your DevOps Solution for Control-M, IWSz, and JCL

ProcMan, the change management solution, seamlessly handles verification, creation, editing, deletion, and deployment of workload objects including Control-M, IWSz, and JCL.
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Frequently Asked Questions

ProcMan's workflow manager efficiently progresses your objects through stages like Development, Testing, and Production, applying real-time, rule-based changes to meet each stage's unique demands. Its capacity to integrate with any system, thanks to universal interfaces, streamlines automation across z/OS and distributed systems alike. Customize workflows, forms, and rules to fit your specific management needs without altering your existing system infrastructure. With ProcMan, you gain a tool that not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides a transparent, secure audit trail that auditors will value for its clarity and comprehensiveness.

Production changes often start with informal methods like phone calls, emails, or face-to-face interactions, where developers provide JCL, scripts, or other materials susceptible to loss or rapid obsolescence. Current systems for logging these requests may only have freeform text fields, lacking precise detail and organization. Without standard protocols, operations planners may make quick, unverified manual adjustments, leading to misalignment within teams and causing delays in resolving issues, particularly when members are absent or remote. When deploying entire "packages" into production, the chance of missing elements is high. Remembering the specifics of who requested changes, their timing, or their purpose can be difficult, increasing the likelihood of confusion and errors.

ProcMan's web-based interface makes it accessible to a wide array of IT-related personnel, including business department members, programmers, testers, production planners, operators, and administrators.