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SmartJCL: The Most Cost-Effective JCL Checker for Any Data Center

For today's modern enterprises to remain competitive, production systems must be highly available and reliable. Job Control Language (JCL) is an essential part of keeping systems running smoothly. Errors in JCL coding can have a detrimental effect on production and lead to unwanted delays. The challenge: Due to the complexity, the potential for errors is high every time new or modified JCLs are introduced. Under deadline and time pressure, it is not always possible to thoroughly test the JCL for all events before the applications are handed over to production.

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JCL Checker for All Data Centers

Reduce typical JCL mistakes such as syntax errors, missing files, programs and procedures and errors caused by incorrect scheduler variables

Data Sources

SmartJCL analyzes JCL and all relevant components: procedures, symbolic parameters, utility statements, DASD and UNIT availability, dataset availability and scheduler variables.

Scheduler Variables

SmartJCL Substitutes scheduler variables for Control-M and IWS z/OS with the correct values.

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The Key Features

If you are looking for a more cost-effective way to ensure high quality JCL, SmartJCL is the solution: an affordable tool that is still completely reliable and easy to use.

Scheduler Interfaces

One of the major benefits of SmartJCL is the integrated interface to IWS z/OS: SmartJCL streamlines JCL management by simulating variable substitution, crucial for using IWS z/OS variables in elements like DSN. It offers optional displays of IWS z/OS info within JCL, such as application ID and job dependencies, and allows selection of jobs from AD or CP based on various criteria. With the capability to check JCL in production sequence and simulate catalog actions, SmartJCL provides multiple simulation modes to preview and rectify errors in the entire production workflow in advance.

In addition to IWS z/OS, SmartJCL also supports Control-M, offering features such as the simulation of Control-M variable substitution (AUTO-Edit function) and the ability to select jobs to be checked by table, group, application, and other criteria.

SmartJCL provides access to all JCL statements for verification and modification by writing simple REXX code.

JCL Reformat

Use the format function to change the JCL format quickly and easily to conform readable standards. The JCL Reformat feature allows an administrator to specify the positions of keywords, values, and continuation lines individually for each JCL parameter, tailored to your company's needs. Users can easily invoke this function directly from the ISPF editor using a straightforward line command. Once initiated, the JCL is automatically reformatted to align with your specifications, streamlining the process and ensuring consistency across your JCL documents.

Check Jobs in Production Sequence

SmartJCL can check complex job streams. Catalog actions can be simulated in advance, thus avoiding conflicting disposition parameters. Without checking the jobs in the correct sequence, a JCL checker displays a message like “dataset not found”. SmartJCL IWS z/OS Interface sorts the jobs by planned start times and therefore they are checked in the correct run sequence.

Remote Check

The Remote Check feature of SmartJCL allows for JCL checks to be performed on an alternate system, streamlining the process by enabling checks from a test or development system against the production libraries on the production system. This feature simplifies checking JCL from the test or development system against the production libraries on the production system. It avoids to transfer the JCL manually to the other (remote) system, logon to that system and check it locally at this system. SmartJCLremote check uses standard TCP/IP architecture.

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Cost Saving with Quality Assurance – Customer Report

With the help of SmartJCL, production planning came to the conclusion that nothing stood in the way of a complete test of the application package. SmartJCL had caught errors in advance, preventing additional costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SmartJCL is an advanced JCL management tool that ensures the creation of error-free JCL, significantly reducing aborts and mitigating the risk of time loss during critical batch windows. By minimizing the need for urgent problem-solving, often under time pressure and during inconvenient hours, it enhances operational efficiency. Additionally, SmartJCL features integrated scheduler interfaces like IBM’s IWS z/OS, a robust reformat function, and a REXX interface, providing a comprehensive and flexible solution for maintaining your JCL with ease.