XINFO: The IT Information System for Data Centers

XINFO, known as SmartIS in the US, streamlines data center management by offering a comprehensive analysis and reporting tool for various systems. It centralizes critical IT information, enabling efficient process evaluation and a holistic view of IT operations. Supporting systems like JCL, DB2, and Control-M, XINFO is essential for users in development, planning, and operations, simplifying data access and improving decision-making.

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Centralized IT Data

XINFO centralizes critical IT data, aiding analysis and comprehensive understanding of IT operations for enhanced decision-making.

Broad System Support

Access information across diverse data center systems like JCL, DB2, and IMS, enabling comprehensive system insights with XINFO.

Easy Cross-Referencing

Effortlessly query connections between systems, simplifying data analysis and enhancing operational insights with XINFO.

Seamless Data Integration

XINFO integrates with existing systems and data, allowing for a customized and efficient data management experience.

Role-Specific Data Insights

For individuals in application development, production planning, or system administration, XINFO offers tailored, relevant data insights.

Enhanced Productivity

XINFO streamlines data analysis and reporting, eliminating the need for multiple tools and boosting operational efficiency.

XINFO Product Downloads

Access a suite of free resources – from presentations and flyers to training modules and examples. Boost your expertise and back up your tasks with our extensive resource library.

The Key Features

Tailored Data Analysis

Tailor queries without programming knowledge, enabling targeted data analysis and personalized insights. XINFO's flexibility allows users to craft and adjust queries to meet their specific operational needs, enhancing the system's relevance and effectiveness.

Efficient Installation and Operation

Experience the ease of XINFO's quick installation and user-friendly interface, designed to save time and enhance productivity, whether you're working in test environments or managing live data center operations.

Flexible Data Sharing

Share your data in various ways: Export Graphics to Word, tables to HTML or Excel, or distribute jobflows via the Intranet. It enables the swift distribution of critical data, ensuring all team members have the insights they need, fostering a more connected and informed environment.

Intuitive Data Visualization

Transform complex data sets into easily understandable visual formats with XINFO, facilitating quicker comprehension of critical information and enabling faster and more informed decision-making across your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

XINFO is an essential tool for anyone who needs to query data structures, offering particular benefits to a wide range of professionals and teams. Production planners and production control specialists find it invaluable for streamlining their workflows and enhancing efficiency. Application programmers, system administrators and project teams leverage XINFO to access and manipulate data structures with ease, facilitating smoother project progression and system management. Additionally, specialized departments that require detailed data analysis, as well as non-IT departments seeking insights from IT data, can greatly benefit from the comprehensive capabilities XINFO provides, making it a versatile asset across various organizational sectors.

A graphical representation of your data offers profound insights, often conveying information more effectively than extensive text or complex reports. Visualizing your production data on-screen can significantly expedite the process of identifying solutions and resolving queries, surpassing the efficiency of navigating through intricate dialogs, lists and reports. While some users may prefer detailed lists, XINFO enhances user experience by enabling seamless transitions between lists of results without the need to exit the program or navigate through new dialogs. XINFO facilitates this intuitive interaction, making it straightforward and user-friendly.

XINFO operates through two primary components that cater to different environments, ensuring a versatile and user-friendly experience. The first component is an ISPF Dialog for the host, designed to interact seamlessly with mainframe environments and provide a robust set of functionalities tailored for complex data interactions. The second component is a Windows Dialog, which offers a graphical user interface on Windows platforms, enabling users to engage with the system in a more visually intuitive manner. Together, these components ensure that XINFO provides a comprehensive, flexible solution for analyzing and managing data across diverse IT environments.