Success Story

Bedag Informatik Successfully Implements Beta DocZ

Bedag Informatik output management: A full-featured output management solution that is also very attractively priced compared to the previous tool CA Spool.

We are extremely satisfied with the implementation. We now have a full-featured output management solution that also saves us a lot of money compared to our previous solution CA Spool. Costs, use and support are optimally aligned.

Andreas Meyer
Senior Manager Platform Management, Bedag Informatik AG

Initial Situation

The company previously used the CA Spool solution as a central point of control for output management. This made it possible to centralize company-wide print and output management in the z/OS environment across all locations and platforms. CA Spool was called by a COBOL program and forwarded the mainframe print data via JES3 to Canon’s PRISMAproduction workflow and output management server. While the resulting system was powerful and comprehensive, it was characterized by high costs and, most recently, a lack of German-language support.


The aim was to make data center operations even more efficient and to save costs. Therefore, management set out to find an alternative mainframe output management solution. In the end, they opted for Beta DocZ from Beta Systems, the European specialist for data center software.

Bedag was faced with the particular challenge of needing to be able to control output dynamically based on different sysout classes. To meet this demand, the Beta DocZ CICS interface had to be connected to the COBOL programs used at Bedag. Due to a large number of links in the system, this was a very challenging task from a technical point of view. However, it had to be implemented at great speed due to critical time constraints.

CICS (Customer Information Control System) is an IBM transaction monitor for implementing OLTP applications. CICS commands are often used in conjunction with COBOL. The CICS interface allows programs running in IBM’s Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) operating system to call other programs in a CICS environment.


Bedag Informatik output management: Bedag set up two beta doc|z instances. These can be used to print and layout payroll, court and other documents in the exact same format generated by the mainframe. All lists and documents are created from the CICS environment and transferred to the beta doc|z high-performance output printing solution, which features highly intuitive user interfaces.

This ensures smooth and easy operation for Bedag’s customers, such as tax offices and other public institutions, as they receive payslips, late payment reminders etc. in exactly the output format they require.


We are extremely satisfied with the implementation,” says Andreas Meyer, Senior Manager Platform Management. We now have a full-featured output management solution that also saves us a lot of money compared to our previous solution CA Spool. Costs, use and support are optimally aligned.” As the next stage in upgrading their system, the IT service provider is already planning to make files available for file transfer from the output management system to external service providers.


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