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Beta DocZ: High-Volume Document and Print Data Processing

Beta DocZ is a comprehensive software solution designed for managing, storing and providing bulk document data on mainframes. It offers integration with distributed source systems and specialized mainframe document formats such as AFP and AFPDS. The application facilitates central archiving of documents in an audit-compliant manner and offers cost-effective online access. Additionally, users can flexibly prepare data from different document sources for bulk printing and distribution.

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Efficient Processing

Efficiently handle the processing and display of exceedingly large lists, ensuring smooth navigation and readability even with extensive datasets. Beta DocZ is equipped to manage vast amounts of information seamlessly, providing users with a streamlined experience when accessing and interacting with large lists of data. With optimized processing capabilities, users can navigate through extensive datasets effortlessly, facilitating improved productivity and decision-making.

Intelligent Segmenting

Utilize intelligent segmenting to divide data into customized list segments tailored to your specific needs. These segments can then be distributed digitally, allowing for efficient sharing and access across your organization. By employing this feature, you can streamline data distribution processes and enhance collaboration among team members.

Centralized Output Management

Centralized Output Management streamlines the conversion, bundling, indexing and archiving of lists or documents. It seamlessly integrates document sources from Windows/ Linux/ Unix or SAP systems, facilitating efficient document management across platforms. This comprehensive approach enhances productivity and accessibility while optimizing document handling processes.

Beta DocZ Resources

Access whitepapers and additional information on Beta DocZ to explore its advanced features and benefits, empowering your organization with comprehensive document management solutions. Downloading these resources provides valuable insights into how our software solution can optimize your workflows and improve efficiency.

The Key Features

With our document management software Beta DocZ, you can organize, process and distribute critical information across various platforms and systems with unparalleled ease and reliability.

Centralized Data Management

Rest assured of the dependable handling of corporate documents, regardless of their volume or origin, with our document management system. Whether you are dealing with a large volume of documents or content from various source systems, our platform ensures seamless reading, processing, distribution and storage, guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy throughout the document management process. Moreover, Beta DocZ seamlessly accommodates diverse target formats, enabling flexibility and ensuring that your document management needs are met effectively while maintaining high standards of efficiency and accuracy.

User-Friendly Web Interface

All these essential functions are seamlessly accessible through user-friendly web-based interfaces, offering convenience and ease of use for users across your organization. Additionally, for users familiar with the z/OS environment, our platform offers compatibility with the ISPF interface, ensuring a consistent and intuitive experience for those accustomed to working within this framework. Whether accessing through the web or utilizing the z/OS ISPF interface, our data management solution provides versatile accessibility options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of your team members, enhancing user adoption and productivity across the board.

Fast and Easy Document Handling

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, rapid access to essential documents and data stands as a cornerstone of operational efficiency and agility. It is imperative to equip specialist departments with robust tools and systems that not only facilitate controlled access but also ensure simplicity and speed in retrieving a wide range of documents and extensive lists from various source systems. Providing such capabilities is instrumental in empowering teams to efficiently navigate through vast repositories of information, enabling informed decision-making and streamlined workflows in today's fast-paced business environment.

Audit-Proof Document Archiving

Effectively managing extensive document archives requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure compliance with audit and legal requirements. Our data management software Beta DocZ excels in this regard, offering robust features that seamlessly integrate automatic deletion processes upon the expiration of retention periods. This comprehensive approach to compliance management is tailored to meet your specific needs, providing peace of mind knowing that your organization is consistently adhering to regulatory standards. With our platform, you can confidently navigate complex compliance landscapes, ensuring the integrity of your document archives while minimizing the risk of regulatory penalties or fines.

SAP Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate data originating from your SAP systems into the central Beta DocZ output management solution, or simply provide company-wide access to SAP data. This not only streamlines your operations but also significantly reduces SAP licensing costs. 

CICS and IMS Connectivity

Transform your CICS and IMS applications with Beta DocZ, acting as a virtual printer to simplify printing and enhance usability. This integration cuts down on customization and printing expenses, optimizing your overall operational efficiency. 

We are extremely satisfied with the implementation. We now have a full-featured output management solution that also saves us a lot of money compared to our previous solution CA Spool. Costs, use and support are optimally aligned.

Andreas Meyer
Senior Manager Platform Management, Bedag Informatik AG
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