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Beta LogX for Company-Wide Log Data Management

Beta LogX is the solution for cross-platform and cross-format log data management in your company. It can combine data from different sources, e. g. mainframe, Windows, Linux/ Unix systems and applications such as SAP, in one place and make it available for the whole enterprise.

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User-Friendly Web Interface for Unparalleled Log Control

Access logs with ease using our intuitive web interface, offering unparalleled control. Seamlessly navigate, analyze and configure logs for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Efficient Data Management and Compliance

Efficiently manage data while adhering to regulatory standards. Ensure streamlined compliance with regulations for seamless operations.

Effortless Audit-Proof Archive Compliance

Effortlessly maintain audit-proof archive compliance. Ensure seamless adherence to regulatory standards.

Effortless Route to Regulatory Excellence

Embark on a seamless journey towards regulatory excellence. Achieve compliance effortlessly with Beta LogX.

Reliable Log Safeguarding

Trust our log safeguarding for peace of mind, ensuring the security of your logs with confidence.

Beta LogX Resources

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The Key Features

Beta LogX is the solution for log management and IT security, harnessing the full power of mainframe technology. With scalable and cost-efficient IT production capabilities, seamless handling of big data as well as advanced workload optimization and job scheduling features, it ensures optimal performance and efficiency for your organization.

Optimized Log Processing

Experience unparalleled efficiency in processing scheduler joblogs and systemlogs with seamless control and insights. Beta LogX, a versatile enterprise log management solution, transforms log data from various sources, such as operating systems, databases and schedulers, into actionable knowledge. Centrally accessible information helps identify critical situations and optimizes processes, turning raw data into valuable insights.

Beta LogX serves as a central log repository for IT automation, particularly for job schedulers, crucial to IT production. Adapted to your needs, it automates log management, saving time, resources and improving work quality.

Strengthened Data Security

Strengthen the defenses of your data fortress with our innovative decentralized log management software. Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, our solution offers unparalleled security, safeguarding your sensitive information against a myriad of threats.

With Beta LogX, you can not only protect your data but also maintain granular control over access and usage, empowering your organization to thrive securely in today’s digital landscape. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is fortified against potential breaches and vulnerabilities, ensuring long-term resilience and success.

Audit-Proof Long-Term Archiving

Reimagine your approach to data security with our cutting-edge decentralized log management software, delivering audit-proof long-term archiving capabilities. Maintain compliance effortlessly, safeguarding sensitive information and fortify your cybersecurity strategy for the future. Experience the transformative power of our solution, which not only ensures audit-proof archiving but also consolidates a wide array of log files into a centralized repository accessible across platforms and applications throughout your organization.

With Beta LogX, scalability is inherent, guaranteeing seamless storage and access of data in alignment with legal requirements and internal Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) standards.

Product Media

Company-wide log management – The largest European companies use Beta Systems solutions for their IT production.

Customer Voice

Beta LogX or Beta LogZ: Which Solution Is Best For Which Cases?

Beta LogZ: Log Management for z/OS

Optimize your mainframe log management with the ultimate fail-safe solution: Beta LogZ enables you to reliably store, archive and provision vast volumes of log data or job output from workload management. The intelligent agent network performs mainframe job log data archiving tasks and additionally offers functions for collecting log data generated on any distributed platform in a company-wide log archive, e. g. Linux, Unix, Windows, System i and SAP system output.

Beta LogZ reduces the load on scheduling systems, facilitates transparent audits and helps you reduce the cost of automating SAP processes. Beta Systems also helps companies switch platforms from z/OS to Unix.

Beta LogX: Cross-Platform Log Data Management

Standardize your company’s log data: Beta LogX is a solution for cross-platform and cross-format log data management in your company. Data from different sources, e. g. mainframe, Windows, Linux/ Unix systems and applications such as SAP, can be brought together in one place and made available across the enterprise.

Beta UX’s new data model provides improved job log output support for both IBM Z and distributed systems usage and is also the ideal extension for Broadcom Automic customers in particular to their existing log management and archive solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Centralized management of distributed production processes offers benefits such as improved coordination and communication, more efficient use of resources, consistent standards and processes, increased transparency and the ability to use real-time data for monitoring and analysis.

Audit-proof archiving offers legal security, compliance with legal requirements, protection against data loss or corruption, efficient data management, fast access to archived data and the ability to keep confidential information safe. Our software backs up all your logs in a legally compliant manner – across all applications in one place. Simple and secure, independent of operating system, database or scheduler. Beta Log is the audit-proof archive for your cross-platform log data management. So that IT auditors don’t find any defects in the first place. Our log management software secures, archives and provides large amounts of log data or job outputs from workload management systems. It manages different types of logs and allows efficient collection and retrieval of job outputs from multiple SSC/scheduling systems.

Some challenges in log data management are the high volume of data, different log formats, distributed systems, complex analyses, data protection and security as well as the need for efficient archiving and revision security.