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Lighthouse marks a new milestone. It offers customers a range of exciting new features that significantly improve the efficiency, flexibility and security of their IT infrastructure. It helps them navigate safely through the digital transformation of their mainframe environment.

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What Is Lighthouse?

Discover Lighthouse, our innovative approach to product enhancement driven by recent user insights.

The Lighthouse program encompasses a comprehensive suite of pivotal strategies and newly developed product features designed to meet the evolving demands of our customers. By actively incorporating feedback and analyzing user behavior, Lighthouse ensures that the products not only address current needs but also anticipate future trends. Explore the transformative potential of Lighthouse and see how it can elevate your business.

Seamless Transitions, AI Boost, Unified Experience Across IBM Z and X

New functionalities are being unveiled, meticulously crafted to meet precise customer demands, elevating user experience and satisfaction. Seamless feature parity is ensured across the Z and X product lines, simplifying transitions from mainframe to open systems. Emphasis on early vertical solutions within the cloud journey resolves specific customer challenges with precision. Leveraging AI, product efficiency is being optimized to harness the full processing potential of IBM Z. Additionally, the frontend of the products is harmonized to deliver a cohesive, dynamic user experience across all platforms.

Lighthouse is not just another update of our mainframe product family, it’s the blueprint on how we develop, on how we deliver, and on how we reinvent our product portfolio.

Mirko Minnich
Executive Board Member, Beta Systems

Advanced, Error-Free Solutions for Unmatched Productivity

Equipped with advanced features, our products are designed to significantly reduce the potential for errors during both operation and configuration. These enhancements ensure unparalleled reliability and stability, streamlining processes for efficient and accurate task management. By prioritizing error reduction, these solutions provide a seamless experience, boosting productivity, stability and confidence in every use.

Some of the New Stability Features

For me as a mainframe administrator, advanced security functions – especially in RACF – are extremely important to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. Every new security extension from a manufacturer helps me to recognize suspicious behaviour immediately and react accordingly, which ensures the integrity of our systems is continuously guaranteed.

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Secure and Simplified IT Solutions

Enable seamless compliance with features designed to fulfill legal or audit obligations for IT systems. Streamline processes and achieve peace of mind, knowing systems are secure and aligned with regulatory requirements. Stay ahead with solutions that simplify compliance, empowering organizations to focus on core business goals while maintaining regulatory standards effortlessly.  

Some of the New Compliance Features


Cutting-Edge Efficiency Features

Experience cutting-edge features that enhance efficiency, ensuring our products reach their targets with greater ease and precision. 

Some of the new efficiency features

The monitoring of our print processing is considerably simplified by the integration of our DocZ, as the customizable dashboard can be observed without manual intervention. With a massive number of backend systems to be monitored, high processing volumes and the need for prompt intervention in the event of errors, Beta Control offers us enormous advantages.

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Seamless Integration for Effortless Workflows

Experience seamless integration and unmatched compatibility with our latest solutions. Designed to effortlessly align with a wide range of platforms, our products ensure smooth and efficient workflows for enhanced operational efficiency and productivity. Embrace the future of technology with systems that adapt to specific needs, making every interaction more intuitive and effective. Join the growing number of professionals who trust this innovative approach to streamline their processes and achieve their goals with ease. 

Some of the New Connectivity Features


Expand Possibilities: Innovative Features Enhance Versatility

Unlock new possibilities with innovative features that broaden the fields of application, enhancing versatility and usability. 

Some of the New Flexibility Features

Python is preferred above all by new generations because it is easy to learn, flexible and versatile. CheckZ now uses Python alongside the proprietary COBOL language and enables faster development of modern applications with numerous resources and communities for support and training. This increases the attractiveness for the next generations of developers.

Customer Voice

Advanced Features for Effortless Administration

Experience the ease of operation and effortless administration with advanced features designed to simplify every aspect of the products, ensuring a smoother and more efficient user experience. 

Some of the new usability features

Tailored Solutions for Your Business Growth

Discover New Product Features

Lighthouse illuminates our unwavering dedication to empowering your business with cutting-edge solutions that are meticulously tailored to meet your evolving needs. This commitment ensures that as your business grows and adapts to new challenges, you have the innovative tools and support necessary to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.


Elevate your systems with the enhanced CheckZ as part of the Lighthouse program, ensuring unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, stability, and usability. 

  • Python as checking procedural language 

  • System Health Checker planned 

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Lighthouse enhances DocX with improved security, advanced search capabilities and streamlined cloud connectivity, ensuring a new level of flexibility and efficiency. 

  • Expanded Logon security 

  • Advanced area search 

  • Advanced search functions in Beta View 

  • Beta UX S3 Cloud Connection 

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DocZ revolutionizes database management with advanced features for enhanced flexibility, compliance and efficiency, including audit-proof logging and effortless report import capabilities. 

  • Audit-proof logging functions for database changes 

  • Saving individual reports 

  • Security extensions 

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Lighthouse enhances LogX with streamlined log management capabilities, designed to optimize efficiency, connectivity and compliance. 

  • Processing of Control-M logs 

  • Processing of UAC logs 

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LogZ now elevates your experience with new and optimized features, such as customized event triggering, and seamless data handling capabilities. 

  • Customized event triggering 

  • Import of extremely large lists 

  • Deployment in multiplex environments 

  • Saving Eventlog Data 

  • Displaying all available job information 

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The updated version of Beta JobZ brings flexibility, stability, efficiency, connectivity and usability to new levels. 

  • Customized event triggering 

  • Unload and Load of definitions 

  • Scriptable EJM file transfer 

  • Workload in Kubernetes cluster

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