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Enhance your company’s security and efficiency with the cloud-based Identity and Access Management solution Garancy@Cloud. Experience convenient, easy deployment of a preconfigured IAM system in the cloud that boosts cyber hygiene, increases productivity and reduces costs. Our experts manage everything – from setting up the IAM software to deployment and implementation in your company. Explore the capabilities of our next-generation IAM automation and orchestration platform today!

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The Highlights

Customized Solution

High Flexibility

During the onboarding process, Garancy@Cloud is tailored to your specific IT application landscape, ensuring optimal support for your company’s processes. Azure, ServiceNow, Flexconnect or Salesforce: The choice of target system is entirely up to you.

Comprehensive Service

Fast Deployment

We take care of the details while you focus on your business. Our Professional Service experts manage the implementation swiftly, ensuring Garancy@Cloud is operational for you in the shortest possible time.

Professional Support

Extensive Expertise

With years of hands-on experience in designing, implementing and operating our Garancy® Suite across various industries – from production to insurance, banking or retail – we are always at your side to support you.

Identity and Access Management in the Cloud: Full Control Over Your IT Landscape

The Beta Systems Cloud IAM Setup Service provides a fast and simple deployment of preconfigured, standardized IAM functionalities in the cloud. Our Professional Service experts handle everything, from setting up Garancy@Cloud to integrating it with your existing IT infrastructure.

IAM Administrator

As a Garancy® administrator, you have full access to the data of managed identities through the System Center, ensuring all data remains secure in your enclosed system.

Compliance Audits

Garancy@Cloud provides you with tools for internal and external audits. View the current status of your rights management or create customizable reports with historical data.

Recertification Center

Setup and streamline individual recertification campaigns through an intuitive web interface that allows users from relevant departments to recertify employees. This process ensures that access rights across the organization are always up to date.

User Center

From onboarding to role changes or leaving the company: Manage the entire employee lifecycle through efficient joiner, mover and leaver processes. Employees can also request access rights from their superiors via self-service requests.

Your Benefits

Scalable Solution

Optimize Identity and Access Management with Garancy@Cloud, which can be adapted to your company’s growth. Our solution is ideal for organizations with up to 10,000 employees.

Effortless Integration

Thanks to cloud technology, implementation is easy and can be planned according to individual business processes – without major IT projects required. A standard role concept and HR data import are included.

Fast Deployment

Experience minimal startup time thanks to preconfigured standards and support from our professional success managers. Leverage our scalable connector framework for swift and efficient implementation within weeks.

Enhanced Security

Ensure high IT security with our continuously managed Garancy@Cloud service. Enjoy seamless VPN integration and trust in the reliability of our ISO 27001 certified hosting with servers located in Frankfurt, Germany.

Streamlined Management

Save costs by outsourcing server operations and alleviate the burden on your internal IT with outsourced system administration and maintenance. Shift from CapEx towards OpEx costs for better financial management.

Functions and Connectivity

Benefit from accelerated innovation cycles with frequent releases. Garancy@Cloud comes with an intuitive web interface and seamlessly integrates with existing processes and target systems, including Azure AD and ServiceNow.

What Is Garancy@Cloud?

Gain full control over your company’s identities without the need to maintain or invest in server infrastructure. For maximum compliance, our servers are exclusively located in Germany.

Our Identity and Access Management software allows you to closely monitor and control access to data and applications according to the individual organizational requirements and functional role of each user.

Why Is IAM important?

With the growing complexity of system landscapes, increasing regulatory demands, and the need for seamless compliance, secure identity management is crucial.

Garancy@Cloud reduces the workload of your IT department and securely organizes onboarding, role transition and exit processes (joiners, movers and leavers). Easily delegate decisions to the relevant departments.

Success Stories & Resources

Learn more about Identity Access Management and how Garancy® improves IT security and operational efficiency.

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