Operlog Tools: Simplified z/OS Log Stream Management and Handling

Enhance your system’s reliability by significantly lowering the risk of unintended downtime and streamlining the process of pinpointing root causes. Operlog Tools offer an effortless way to view and archive z/OS log streams, such as Operlog. They enable fast information retrieval with powerful search functions, allowing for quick processing and secure archiving of vast log entries.

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The Highlights

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Quick Search and Filters

Instantly find the information you need with quick searches and a wide array of filter options.

Automate with Ease

Gain full batch control of your Operlog data and simplify access through JCL scripts.

Safe Access

Safely access Operlog data while meticulously managing access rights through RACF, TOP-Secret, ACF2 and more.

Secure Archiving

Easily archive and retrieve Operlog data, ensuring secure and long-term archiving.

Collaborate and Share

Boost team collaboration with shared, custom-configured selection and filter settings.

Save Costs

The unified interface streamlines data discovery and analysis, eliminating the need for multiple tools.

Operlog Tools Resources

Download free resources such as flyers and tutorials to learn more about Operlog Tools and its potential.

The Key Features

Accelerated Log Information Retrieval

Operlog Tools provide fast, reliable access to essential log data, particularly focusing on events occurring immediately before or after a specified incident. This enables users to quickly pinpoint and retrieve critical information for analysis.

Customizable Log Data Access

With dedicated batch interfaces and support for custom JCL scripts, Operlog Tools offer nuanced data access capabilities, allowing users to tailor their data interactions and processing to meet specific operational needs within the Operlog Manager environment.

Reliable Log Data Archiving

The solution offers robust archiving features that allow for the loss-free storage of Operlog data, ensuring its integrity and availability for future retrieval and review, thus supporting comprehensive historical data analysis.

In-Depth Log Data Analysis

Operlog Tools are equipped with powerful analytical functions that enable users to delve into a vast array of log data, including IBM cluster logs and Sysplex operation datasets, facilitating detailed analysis and insights into IT operations.

Unified Interface

The unified interface of Operlog Manager consolidates various tools into a single platform, simplifying the retrieval and analysis of log data and significantly reducing the complexity of navigating through multiple systems.

Error Analysis and Troubleshooting

The tools provide sophisticated selection and filtering capabilities that enhance the troubleshooting process. Users can define specific time frames to analyze what transpired before and after an event, simplifying the task of identifying the root causes of errors and streamlining the resolution process.

The tools provide opportunities for evaluation that our IT team couldn't do before, or could only do at great expense.

Clemens Berchtold
System Administrator Core Infrastructure Department, ARZ
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Success Story

Operlog Tools Bring Relief to IT Admins

Large Austrian data center handles data-intensive z/OS environment more efficiently with logstreams
Success Story

Operlog Tools Simplify IT Administration at ARZ Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH

Operlog Tools ARZ: With the introduction of Operlog Tools, the customer saves time and can aggregate messages across LPAR (logical partition) boundaries.

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