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Beta DocX: Document Management System

Beta DocX is a comprehensive software solution for the management, storage and provision of document data, regardless of source, format and volume. Sources from specialized application systems such as SAP can be used and integrated as well as traditional mainframe document formats. With Beta DocX, documents can be archived in a centralized, audit-compliant manner and accessed online at low cost. The software also enables the flexible preparation and provision of data from various document sources for mass printing.

The Highlights

Your Benefits

Cost Savings in Transactional Mass Printing

Beta DocX enhances your printing efficiency by either replacing or supporting your existing mainframe output solutions, offering compatibility with longstanding document and print formats on Linux and Unix systems.

Deploy Mainframe Archives Without Mainframe Costs

Many mainframe customers are adopting Beta UX products within their cost optimization strategies, e. g. to save MIPS, or as part of migrations to deploy archive data without the financial burden of a mainframe.

Save Mainframe Expenses

Use Beta DocZ or other IBM Z mainframe products together with Beta DocX to significantly reduce computational expenses on your mainframe, transferring tasks to more economical Linux or Unix systems.

Seamless SAP Integration

Effortlessly integrate and manage your SAP system data within your central output management using Beta DocX, or enable company-wide access to SAP data via the web, leading to substantial savings on SAP licensing fees.

Beta DocX Resources

Unlock the full potential of your document management strategy with Beta DocX. Dive into our resources with downloadable product flyers, case studies and more to see how Beta DocX can transform your document and output management!

The Key Features

One solution for document and print data management: Our system includes all the features you will need to realize the management, storage and provision of document data.

Central Document Management

Efficiently manage document data across the organization. Reliably read, process, distribute and store your documents regardless of their origin, format, size or destination.

Central Output Management

Effortlessly convert, bundle, index and archive even the largest documents. Use and integrate document sources from mainframe systems, Windows/ Linux/ Unix or SAP systems.

Audit-Proof Document Archiving

Archive large volumes of documents company-wide in a secure and legally compliant manner, including automatic deletion when the archiving period is over.

Automatic Forwarding

Sequential processing of a document by different users according to business processes enhances your workflow efficiency.

Access Controls

Specify user permissions for reading or commenting on data, documents and specific document sections, ensuring high-level security and confidentiality.

Easy Document Handling

Enable departments to swiftly and securely access, search and annotate documents and extensive lists from any source. Our system supports audit-proof archiving while allowing document commenting – all accessible through user-friendly web-based interfaces.

Interfaces for Integration

Leverage Beta DocX with web services or the Beta UX API command interface to integrate your own applications, enhancing functionality and user experience.

Product Media

For optimized processing and distribution, Beta DocX provides documents with cover sheets, tables of contents, reference lists and control codes for process automation, e. g. barcodes and OMR.

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