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Solution for high-volume document and print data processing

_beta doc|x is a comprehensive software solution for managing, storing and providing bulk document data from any source system and in any format and scope.

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Beta Systems _beta doc|x

The right solution for high-volume document print data processing.

_beta doc|x is a comprehensive software solution for managing, storing and providing bulk document data from any source system and in any format and scope.

The application allows you to integrate complex application systems such as SAP in addition to any well-established mainframe document format. Moreover, with _beta doc|x you can centrally archive documents in an audit-compliant manner and provide them online at little cost. You further gain functions for flexibly preparing data from various document sources for bulk printing and distribution.

_beta doc|x is the successor product of Beta UX DistributionMaster and Beta UX ContentMaster.


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Overview of the main features of _beta doc|x

This document provides you with an overview of the main features of _beta doc|x.

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_beta doc|x

Gain complete control over your output management.

  • Centralized data management: Reliable reading, processing, distribution and storage of corporate documents – for any volume and regardless of their source system and target format
  • Centralized output management: Convert, bundle, index and archive documents of any size. Draw on and integrate document sources on mainframe, Windows/Linux/Unix or SAP systems.
  • Audit-compliant document archive: Archive large volumes of documents in accordance with your requirements regarding audit and legal compliance (incl. automatic deletion after expiration of the retention time) across the company.
  • Automatic forwarding: Enables multiple users to process a document in a specific sequence to support relevant business processes.
  • Top-level security: Define in detail who is authorized to read or annotate which data, documents or specific document sections.
  • Interfaces for smooth integration: Combine Beta _beta doc|x with web services or the Beta UX API command interface to integrate your own applications with ease.
  • Bring simplicity to searching, accessing and annotating documents: Empower your specialist departments to easily and rapidly access any type of document or extensive lists from any source system based on a specific set of rules. Enable your staff to add comments to documents without compromising audit-compliant archiving. Access all these functions via convenient web-based user interfaces.
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The Beta Systems software solution acts as the central document archive and output management system for Allianz Deutschland, which will soon be rolled out to European regional subsidiaries. We handle 80% of the group’s print output using the system.

Karl Paul, Project Manager Output Services

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