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Optimize Your Document Management with Output Management

Streamline your business processes with our output management software. Seamlessly capture, structure, design, distribute and archive data and documents to save time and increase efficiency. Simplify workflows and effortlessly increase productivity through automation. Our output management software helps organizations across platforms automate critical document processes.

Maximize productivity and reduce costs: Best Mainframe Output Management Solutions

Beta Systems understands the challenges companies face in handling, storing, and distributing large volumes of data on the mainframe. Integrating this data into new cloud-based workflows and making it easily accessible across the enterprise are new mainframe modernization challenges. Our comprehensive Output Management System (OMS) is designed to address these challenges and give you the tools you need to streamline your processes.

With our software solution, you can seamlessly integrate multiple source systems and consolidate your document data on a central platform. Our priority is to ensure thorough and effective document processing in the most efficient way.

Output Management & Archive

_beta doc|z is a comprehensive software solution for managing, storing, archiving, and provisioning extensive document data. Running on z/OS, data sources from across the enterprise can be integrated and stored in a central archive.

LDMS is the central, mainframe-based solution for securely processing, delivering and archiving large volumes of documents and implementing electronic records.

Centralized output and archive solution

_beta doc|x is a comprehensive software solution for managing, storing and delivering large volumes of document data, regardless of source, format or volume.

Running on Linux or Unix, it integrates mainframe data sources and formats as well as documents and data from other sources within the enterprise.


Cover your document-related processes-from document capture to multichannel distribution to legally compliant archiving

  • Centralized document management
    Reliably capture, process, distribute, and store corporate documents-regardless of volume, origin, format, or destination.
  • Central output management
    Convert, bundle, index, and archive even the largest documents. Utilize and integrate document sources from mainframe, Windows/Linux/Unix, or SAP systems. Securely process complex data formats for transactional printing, such as AFP/DS and manufacturer-specific print formats.
  • Audit-proof document archiving
    Archive large volumes of documents enterprise-wide according to your requirements and regulatory compliance (including automatic deletion after retention period).
  • Automatic routing
    Enables sequential document processing by different users according to business processes.

„The tools offer evaluation options that our IT team previously couldn’t do, or could only do with a great deal of effort.“

Clemens Berchtold, System Administrator Core Infrastructure, ARZ

„We now have a fully functional output management solution that is also very attractive in terms of price compared to the previous CA Spool.“

Andreas Meyer, Senior Manager Platform Management, bedag

“The software solution from Beta Systems is the central document archive and output management system for Allianz Germany and, in future, the European subsidiaries abroad. We use it to process 80% of all print output within the Group.”

Karl Paul, Project Manager Output Services


Reduce costs and control automated processes across all platforms

Efficiency for Users

  • Convert, bundle, index and archive even the largest documents. Leverage and integrate document sources from mainframe, Windows/Linux/Unix or SAP systems.
  • Archive large volumes of documents enterprise-wide, according to your needs and regulatory requirements (including automatic deletion at the end of the retention period).

Efficiency through modernization

  • Modernize your existing mainframe output management solutions with Beta Systems’ cross-platform solutions.
  • Move some or all of your output management, document processing and archiving from mainframe to other platforms and the cloud to reduce costs and modernize infrastructure.
  • Replace inflexible, non-modernizable and non-cloud-capable legacy solutions with an integrated output management system from Beta Systems to gain efficiency and cost benefits.

Organizational & Business Efficiency

  • Reliably captures, processes, distributes, and stores business documents-regardless of volume, origin, format, or destination.
  • Enables sequential document processing by different users according to business processes.
  • Specify who can read or comment on which data, documents, or parts of documents.
  • Provide departments with controlled, yet easy and fast access to any type of document and comprehensive lists from any source.
  • Integrate Beta Systems solutions with your core application systems to provide easy access to the documents and data you need.

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