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Beta CheckZ: Automated Data Quality Assurance on z/OS

Beta CheckZ is an automated data quality assurance solution specifically designed for the z/OS platform, effectively minimizing the occurrence of erroneous transactions. Through its deep integration with SAP processes, it ensures seamless data validation, automatically verifying the accuracy of information. This comprehensive solution operates seamlessly across both centralized z/OS environments and distributed platforms, guaranteeing consistent data quality regardless of the processing location.

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Data Quality Assurance

Beta CheckZ ensures robust data quality and compliance adherence, crucial in today’s regulatory landscape. Failure to meet standards can result in severe consequences; Beta CheckZ streamlines the process, mitigating risks and ensuring smooth operations.

Data Integrity Management

Navigating data quality assurance challenges in modern data centers requires a comprehensive solution like Beta CheckZ, which seamlessly integrates with central hosts for unparalleled visibility and control. With its ability to monitor data integrity across diverse platforms, it ensures consistency, compliance and optimized performance.

Mainframe Data Integrity

Beta CheckZ revolutionizes data quality assurance by seamlessly handling checks on mainframe and distributed server platforms. Its close integration with the IBM workload scheduler and focus on the SAP ecosystem ensures efficient job reconciliation and reliable support for critical tasks, enhancing data quality management across diverse IT environments.

Beta CheckZ Resources

Access various resources to dive deeper into the functionalities and benefits of Beta CheckZ. Download now and learn how our software can optimize your data management processes and enhance operational efficiency.

The Key Features

With its robust features, Beta CheckZ offers seamless verification of z/OS data quality and comprehensive monitoring capabilities across diverse IT landscapes.

High Data Quality in Automated IT Processes

Beta CheckZ enhances the quality of financial transactions, enabling swift and automated downstream processing.

Fast and Robust Application Provisioning

Ensure the integrity of your data from application development to IT production.

Meeting Compliance Standards

Our system ensures your data quality meets legal IT standards effortlessly.

Cross-Platform Checking Routines

Efficiently monitor data quality from a central location, even across distributed systems.

SAP Data Quality Assurance

Automate data reconciliation processes seamlessly with SAP NetWeaver and SAP FS-CD.

Integrated Enterprise Job Manager

Utilize the powerful agent network for executing data quality assurance tasks across distributed platforms.

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Versaria: Beta Systems Partner in Mexico

Eduardo Raygadas, Vice President of Versaria Mexico, describes the partnership with Beta Systems.

GaVi Enhances Data Center Operations with Beta Systems Software

Frank Wennemann from GaVI Gesellschaft für angewandte Versicherungs-Informatik describes the use of the Beta Systems software solutions Beta 88 (Beta Access), Beta 91 (Beta CheckZ) Beta 92 (Beta LogZ) and Beta 93 (Beta DocZ) in GaVI's data center.

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