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Beta LogZ: Reliable and Secure IT Production Driven by Log Data

Elevate your mainframe experience Beta LogZ, our solution for reliably storing, archiving and provisioning vast volumes of log data and job output from workload management. Our intelligent agent network seamlessly handles mainframe job log data archiving tasks while extending its functionality to collect log data from distributed platforms such as Windows, Linux/ Unix, System i and SAP system output. With robust reload capabilities, unleash unparalleled efficiency and control in your operations.

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Transformative Log Journey

Begin a transformative journey with our log management software, guiding you towards enhanced efficiency and insight. Experience the transformative power of Beta LogZ as it revolutionizes your approach to data handling.

Assured Audit Compliance

Find confidence in our operations' audit-proof nature, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our operations adhere to audit requirements and maintain integrity.

Effortless Insight Derivation

Effortlessly navigate investigations and extract insights from detailed statistics. Experience seamless investigation and analysis.

Ensure Sustained Observability

Guarantee sustained observability with our resilient platform. Ensure long-term visibility through our sturdy platform.

Smooth Comparison, Thorough Analysis

Enable seamless comparisons and perform in-depth analyses effortlessly. Streamline comparisons and delve into detailed analyses.

Future-Ready Log Management

Embrace advanced log management tools that surpass your requirements. Prepare for the future with cutting-edge log management solutions.

Your Partner in Efficiency

More than a tool, Beta LogZ is a trusted partner in driving efficiency and innovation.

Revolutionary Functions for All Products

Lighthouse for Beta LogZ

Discover the advancements in LogZ, designed to elevate flexibility, stability, connectivity, compliance, usability and efficiency. Experience the power of customized event triggering with LogZ, allowing you to create tailored system messages that are written directly to the job and system log. These messages can be seamlessly captured and acted upon by any system-wide automation product, such as IBM SA, effortlessly connecting LogZ with installation-wide automation. 

Moreover, LogZ makes handling data easier than ever with its ability to import extremely large lists. It effectively processes lists that exceed the size threshold set by the OUTLIM parameter, boosting your data management efficiency. Deployment in multiplex environments is streamlined with LogZ, facilitating the rollout of configuration elements across multiple plexes for smooth and efficient operations throughout your infrastructure. 

LogZ also advances your event log data management with the inclusion of JES2, which provides an additional spool file with extended job information. Now displaying and archiving 158 new database fields from the JES2 event log, LogZ offers comprehensive data capture and storage. The new “Eventlog” Data Definition (DD) type includes additional job details, including previously hidden fields like User fields, enriching your job data overview for improved analysis and decision-making. 

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Beta LogZ Resources

Access invaluable resources including whitepapers and additional information on Beta LogZ to delve deeper into its features and benefits. Unlock the full potential of Beta LogZ for your organization now!

The Key Features

Discover how our solutions revolutionize workflows, empower rapid issue resolution, and ensure meticulous financial oversight, propelling your organization toward unparalleled success.

Elevate Data Analysis with Precision Tools

Discover a new level of data analysis prowess with our advanced log management software. Dive deep into your data and uncover valuable insights with our powerful tools designed for precision and efficiency. Whether you're tracking performance metrics or identifying trends, Beta LogZ empowers you to make informed decisions and drive success.

Elevate your analysis game today and stay ahead of the competition with our innovative solutions.

Audit-Proof Log Management Software

In today's regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance and data integrity is paramount. With Beta LogZ, you can rest assured that your operations remain audit-proof. Our robust tools not only guarantee compliance but also offer peace of mind for your business.

Trust Beta LogZ to safeguard your operations and maintain regulatory standards, allowing you to focus on what matters most: driving your business forward.

Revolutionize Data Management

Step into a realm of enhanced efficiency and effectiveness with our comprehensive archive and reload tools. Designed to streamline data management processes, our solutions empower businesses to seamlessly handle vast amounts of data while boosting productivity.

Experience the transformative impact of our innovative tools, revolutionizing the way you manage and leverage data assets for business success.

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Beta LogZ or Beta LogX: Which Solution Suits Your Needs?

Beta LogZ: Log Management for z/OS

Experience unparalleled log management for z/OS with Beta LogZ. Our solution reliably stores, archives, and provisions vast volumes of log data and job output from workload management systems. The intelligent agent network efficiently handles mainframe job log data archiving tasks while seamlessly collecting log data from distributed platforms for a company-wide log archive.

With Beta LogZ, you can reduce the load on scheduling systems, ensure transparent audits, and cut costs associated with automating SAP processes.

Beta LogX: Cross-Platform Log Data Management

Standardize your company’s log data using our versatile cross-platform solution: Beta LogX offers a comprehensive solution for managing log data across various platforms and formats within your organization. It enables the consolidation of data from diverse sources such as mainframe, Windows, Linux/ Unix systems and applications such as SAP, facilitating centralized access across the enterprise.

With Beta UX’s innovative data model, enhanced support for job log output is provided for both IBM Z and distributed systems usage. Additionally, it serves as an optimal extension for Broadcom Automic customers, seamlessly integrating with their current log management and archive solutions.

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Explore the success stories of clients who have implemented our log management solution, Beta LogX, and discover how it has transformed their operations.

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Operlog Tools Simplify IT Administration at ARZ Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH

Operlog Tools ARZ: With the introduction of Operlog Tools, the customer saves time and can aggregate messages across LPAR (logical partition) boundaries.
Success Story

Operlog Tools Bring Relief to IT Admins

Large Austrian data center handles data-intensive z/OS environment more efficiently with logstreams
Success Story

Beta Systems Helps LVM Shift Their Digital Landscape Into High Gear

Replacement of the existing schedulers with modern workload automation and output management solutions, and of the file transfer and SAP job control tools with BMC Control-M.

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Log Management for z/OS: Beta LogZ enables you to reliably store, archive and provision vast volumes of log data or job output from workload management.

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