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Garancy® Suite: The Identity Access Management Suite from Beta Systems

Beta Systems’ Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution brings maximum flexibility to dynamic companies. Our Garancy® Suite provides you with a set of tools for controlling and monitoring access to your company’s applications and data according to the individual organizational requirements and specialized role of each user. It ensures autonomous management of data, resources and access rights in compliance with all applicable laws and standards.

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Garancy® Suite: Your Full-Service IAM System

Increasing dynamics in all areas of an organization, characterized by constant change and expansion of IT systems and applications, new regulations and increasingly intensive audits have a strong impact on compliance. Never before has there been more to do and more reason for a reliable IAM system.

The Garancy® Suite by Beta Systems is an advanced Identity and Access Management solution, offering a comprehensive toolkit for precise control and monitoring of access to your company’s applications and data – tailored to meet unique organizational needs and user roles.

Ensure Compliance and Security

Garancy® Identity Manager

The Identity Manager provisioning module enables centralized administration and control of all user-related authorization information – identities, groups and roles – across all IT systems. All important information is protected reliably thanks to targeted security management.

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Easily Manage Employee Lifecycles

Garancy® User Center

The User Center covers the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to leaving, by efficiently managing authorizations and tracking all changes. All important information is protected reliably thanks to targeted security management.

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Define Intervals to Recertify Employee Authorizations

Garancy® Recertification Center

Monitor employee authorizations and role content at defined intervals and expedite onboarding, offboarding and transitions within your company. With our tools, employees gain the necessary access rights precisely when they need them, supporting the dynamic nature of your business operations.

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Analytics and Historical View on Entitlement Changes

Garancy® Access Intelligence Manager

Get a complete overview of access rights and the associated risks with dynamic 360° monitoring. The Garancy® Access Intelligence Manager provides reports and multi-dimensional analyses to review access rights structures within the organization and to identify potential access risks.

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Safeguard Against Governance Violations

Garancy® Process Center

Use governance workflows within the IAM system to create digital processes and accelerate all processes related to access rights. The Process Center seamlessly incorporates specialist departments and enables the creation of binding process definitions which are integrated into standard workflows.

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Simplify IAM Data and Role Management

Garancy® System Center

The System Center enables business users to directly access and edit Garancy® Identity Manager data. It provides role managers with direct access to the roles for which they are responsible.

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Control Passwords Across Platforms

Garancy® Password Management

Take control of passwords across platforms with Password Reset and Syncronization. Ensure secure and smooth access to various IT platforms or applications in distributed system landscapes and simplify the enforcement of IT security guidelines with regard to passwords.

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Maintain Access Rights to Unstructured Data

Garancy® Data Access Governance

The Garancy® Data Access Governance tool provides detailed access management, extending beyond Active Directory groups to folder and file levels, including file servers, Microsoft SharePoint and other document management systems.

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Authorization Management from the Auditor’s Point of View

In a joint effort with KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, we have summarized what auditors perceive as red flags today and how you can effectively avoid audit findings.

Standard Supported Connectors

Garancy® offers an extensive array of connectors for numerous applications. These include, for example:

Windows | Exchange | AIX | ACF2 | Azure | SCIM | Slack | Lotus Domino | RACF | Workday | Top Secret | Linux | Oracle DB | SAP | SAP HANA | Zoom | Atlassian | SuccessFactors | ServiceNow | Cloud Foundry | Salesforce | Solaris | LDAP | aConnect | Microsoft SQL Server | IBM DB2 | IBM Series i

What Our Clients Say

Flexible IT Compliance

Dynamic growth of the IT application inventory and an ever more complex IT landscape call for a highly flexible IAM system to allow companies to handle this host of challenges.

Flexibility for Users

  • Highly flexible batch processing of HR data for automatic access rights management

  • Powerful data model, including risk scores, user types and expiration dates

  • User lifecycle for onboarding and offboarding workflows via the Garancy® User Center

  • Optimized governance workflows enable self-services or administrative procedures with the Garancy® Process Center

  • Implementation of individual process requirements

Organizational and Business IT Flexibility

  • Strong role model that supports technical and business roles

  • Multi-client support with highly granular rights managed directly in the IAM system

  • Garancy® Data Access Governance for distributed data access control

  • Garancy® Recertification Center for powerful user and role recertification

  • Quick adjustment of access rights through unit comparisons in the HR batch import

  • Garancy® User Center for browser-based, distributed access rights management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Garancy® receives half-yearly updates. These frequently released updates are suitable for companies with a positive approach to new features and functions. However, we also offer long-term releases intended for companies that do not wish to update their software as often.

English and German are offered by default as support languages. If you need help in other languages, we can offer customized support to meet your needs.

Yes, we provide comprehensive customer service. A team of experts based in Germany will support you whenever something doesn’t work as expected.

The entire software package can be used on Windows and SQL Server, as these platforms are widely used and very well maintained. One of the Garancy® main management modules, the Identity Manager, is supported on z/OS and DB2 as well as on Linux and SQL Server.

With Garancy®, we offer a flexible solution that can be connected to individual applications. You can connect your company’s custom-tailored software as well as "off-the-shelf" applications with Garancy®.

Garancy® comes with a variety of connectors for a wide range of applications, including Windows, Exchange, AIX, ACF2, Azure, SCIM, Slack, Lotus Domino, RACF, Workday, TopSecret, Linus, Oracle DB, SAP, SAP HANA, Zoom, Jira, Success Factors, Service Now, Cloudfoundry, Salesforce, Solaris, LDAP, aConnect, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, IBM Series i and more.

Choose flexibly from different approaches: You can work with one of our implementation partners or an external team of implementation experts who will guide you through the process from start to finish. If you have in-depth IAM knowledge (internally or through a consulting partner), you can also implement Garancy® yourself.

Yes, our IAM solution offers comprehensive user provisioning. Garancy® supports you with onboarding and offboarding processes for employees as well as internal transfers from one department to another or when employees are involved in cross-functional projects.