Automate Processes Smartly: Workload Automation Software for Enterprises

Our workload automation solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises, offering scalability, flexibility and comprehensive control over automated processes. Whether you are looking to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs or gain a competitive edge through advanced automation, our tools provide the capabilities you need to achieve your objectives. Discover all the possibilities now!

Discover Our Workload Automation Solutions

Empower your organization with our workload automation and job scheduling tools, enabling control over automated processes across diverse platforms. Enhance user and organizational efficiency while achieving substantial cost savings. Our unified approach ensures confidence and agility in navigating today’s complex IT landscape.


This next-generation enterprise automation platform gives you a single point of control over all your environments, platforms and tools in every area of your business to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and boost productivity.

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Beta JobZ lets you connect all your distributed servers and the applications hosted there (e. g. SAP) with the mainframe. Control your automated processes across all relevant platforms while saving costs at the same time.

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IWS Tools

IWS Tools, specifically designed for IBM Workload Scheduler, help you simplify the operation and use of your IBM Workload Automation products.

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Your Benefits

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Save valuable time and resources: Enhance operational efficiency and boost productivity by automating and integrating IT and business processes.

Cost Reduction

Achieve significant cost savings through optimized resource utilization and efficient automation strategies.

Enhanced Reliability

Improve the reliability of IT operations by ensuring that critical tasks are executed on time and without errors.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Our workload automation solutions support a wide range of applications and systems, allowing organizations to automate a diverse set of tasks across different environments.

Dynamic Scalability

Effortlessly scaling with evolving business needs, our job scheduling solutions facilitate the automation of additional tasks and processes as organizations expand.

Customizable Solutions

Crafted to meet your organization’s unique requirements and challenges, our solutions for workload automation offer a perfect fit for your needs.

Key Features

With a robust suite of features, our workload automation tools offer unparralleled scalability, flexibility and control over automated processes. Discover how our WLA software solutions can transform your operations!

Cloud Orchestration

Cloud orchestration is the art of seamlessly managing, coordinating and automating cloud-based resources and services to optimize performance and efficiency. It involves streamlining complex workflows, provisioning and scaling resources dynamically and ensuring smooth communication between various cloud components. Through orchestration, your organization can achieve greater agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness in your cloud deployments. By automating repetitive tasks and enforcing consistent configurations, cloud orchestration simplifies management and enhances overall reliability. Ultimately, it empowers your business to focus more on innovation and less on the complexities of managing your cloud infrastructure.

Gain centralized control over diverse ecosystems, whether on-premises, in private or public clouds all from one interface.

Managed File Transfer

Managed file transfer is a secure and efficient solution for transferring files between systems, users and organizations. It provides a centralized platform for managing, monitoring and controlling file transfers, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality and compliance with regulations. By automating file transfer processes and eliminating manual intervention, managed file transfer improves productivity and reduces the risk of errors.

Effortlessly oversee large-scale data exchanges across varied and intricate environments, spanning from on-premises setups to cloud-based platforms.

Orchestration of Data Pipelines

Data pipeline orchestration involves the management and coordination of various tasks and processes involved in moving data from its source to its destination. It includes activities such as data extraction, transformation, loading and validation. By orchestrating data pipelines, your organization can ensure that data flows smoothly and efficiently across different systems and environments. This enables them to derive valuable insights from their data and make informed business decisions. Additionally, data pipeline orchestration helps your organization to maintain data integrity, improve data quality and comply with regulatory requirements. It plays a crucial role in modern data-driven enterprises, where the ability to manage data effectively is paramount for success.

Streamline your data pipeline management to ensure seamless data flow and accurate business insights.

SAP Automation

SAP automation refers to the use of software tools and technologies to streamline and optimize processes within SAP environments. These solutions automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry, report generation and workflow approvals, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. SAP automation enables your organization to enhance operational efficiency, improve data accuracy and accelerate business processes. By automating routine SAP tasks, your business can focus on more strategic activities, driving innovation and growth.

Enhance operational efficiency and cut down costs with advanced SAP operations automation driven by contextual intelligence.

Automation of Application Processes

The automation of application processes involves the deployment of software tools and solutions to streamline and optimize various tasks and workflows associated with application development, deployment and management. By automating these processes, your organization can accelerate the delivery of applications, improve software quality and enhance overall productivity. Automation tools can simplify repetitive tasks such as code compilation, testing and deployment, reducing manual effort as well as minimizing the risk of errors. Additionally, automation enables greater consistency and repeatability in application processes, leading to more predictable outcomes. Overall, automation of application processes empowers development teams to work more efficiently and iterate faster.

Gain complete control over processes and delivery times by seamlessly connecting all business applications and critical systems.

Real-Time Automation of Business-Critical Processes

Real-time automation of business-critical processes involves the implementation of automated systems and workflows that operate instantaneously, without delay, to execute essential tasks within your organization. By leveraging real-time automation, your business can streamline your operations, respond promptly to changing conditions and improve overall efficiency. This approach enables the swift execution of critical processes such as order processing, customer support and inventory management, ensuring that operations run smoothly and effectively. Real-time automation also enhances agility and responsiveness, allowing your organization to adapt quickly to market demands and customer needs.

Maximize your IT team’s productivity by automating all operational activities.

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