Automated corporate job scheduling

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solution that helps you manage the quality of your jobs?

Significantly reduce the number of incorrect transactions, provide deep integration with your SAP processes, and automatically verify that data is correct.

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Improve your z/OS batch job data quality

Increase the value of your data to better manage job quality

The solution for automated data quality assurance under z/OS. It greatly reduces the number of erroneous transactions, integrates deeply with your SAP processes and automatically checks if data is
correct – regardless of whether it is processed centrally under z/OS or on distributed platforms. A single point of control!

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This document provides you with an overview of the main features of _beta check|z.

Optimized data quality and accelerated batch processes

Expand the reach of your mainframe workload automation solution to manage your job quality:

  • Ensure high data quality in automated IT processes
  • Automated checking of data quality and complete compliance with legal requirements
  • Rapid and reliable application provisioning
  •  Cross-platform test routines
  • Enable automated data reconciliation with SAP
    NetWeaver and SAP FS-CD
  • Integrated Enterprise Job Manager
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“We can now easily identify security vulnerabilities in the RACF system and meet compliance regulations. Even users with little technology experience can generate the required audit reports.”

Sela Santamaría Direktorin für IT-Systeme bei Cecabank

“The tools offer analysis methods our IT team previously did not have or that required great effort on our part.”

Clemens Berchtold, Systemadministrator Core Infrastructure, ARZ

“We now have a fully functional output management solution that also saves us money compared to our previous solution CA Spool.”

Andreas Meyer, Senior Manager Platform Management

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Automated job quality management

Reduce the number of erroneous transactions, integrate your SAP processes and automatically verify data
– and enjoy additional features:

  • Verifying z/OS data quality
  • Platform-independent, enterprise-wide
    data monitoring
  • Checking the data quality on the mainframe and
    distributed server platforms

Save costs thanks to optimal job quality management

Control your automated processes across all relevant platforms while
saving costs at the same time.

User efficiency

  • Monitor your data quality from a central location – even for
    distributed systems.
  • Enable automated data reconciliation with SAP
    NetWeaver and SAP FS-CD.
  • Draw on the powerful agent network to perform
    data quality assurance tasks on distributed platforms.

Organizational and business IT efficiency

  • The solution empowers you to check the quality of all financial transactions to facilitate rapid automated
    downstream processing.
  • Implement automated data assurance
    and meet legal IT provisions.
  • Secure the quality of your data from application
    development through to IT production.

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